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[28 Aug 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
What Does “Dialogue” Do for Peace among Israelis and Palestinians?

Richard Forer
United States

“Dialogue groups place Palestinians in a position where, in order to share their experience with Israelis, they are compelled to acquiesce to a distorted reality. If they refuse, they are perceived as  . . . disinterested in peace.”
A couple of years ago, a secular Israeli High School refused to allow its students to form an Israel-Palestine dialogue group. Reports indicated that the school’s principal was concerned participation would reduce the rate of students serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Apparently, from the principal’s perspective, Israel’s need for security …

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[23 Aug 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
Revisiting the Western Harem and the Pursuit of Beauty

Yasmina Mrabet
Washington, D.C. USA
“Here I am, in a precarious condition. I struggle to maintain the standard of ‘beauty’ society demands and my authentic presence is inhibited. A focus on the external renders my internal being invisible. “
“Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.” – John Berger
In Scheherazade Goes West: Different Cultures, Different Harems, Fatema Mernissi describes the reactions of Westerners upon learning that she was born in a ‘harem.’ Westerners described and thought of this word as some kind of “…voluptuous wonderland drenched with heavy sex …

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[23 Aug 2012 | One Comment | ]
The Globalization of Beauty?

Do you think ‘beauty’ is becoming globalized? What exactly does it mean to be ‘beautiful?’ and what messages should we be sending women around the world when we define concepts of beauty? Below are a series of links to articles exploring concepts of beauty and their impact on societies around the world.

Beauty Redefined blog: No Prince Charming Can Conquer Your Body Image Battle
The New York Times: Bodies Altered in Pursuit of Beauty
Hub Page by Maddie Ruud: Western Standards of Beauty: An Illustrated Timeline
Jezebel: Models’ Real Faces, Before The Photoshop Magic
Women’s …

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[22 Aug 2012 | One Comment | ]
What About Her Achievements, Her Character, Her Voice?

Shae Keane
Nashville, Tennessee USA
“How are women to overcome the message that only their body matters and realize that their voice, their spirit, their mind matters more?”
A young toddler looks up at her mother as she watches her brothers’ soccer game. “I wish God had made me a boy,” she says. Astonished by such a statement, her mom responds, “Why is that?” She points her small finger and replies, “Because I want to do that.” Her mom answers, “Well, of course you can be a soccer player, honey.” She shakes her …

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