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Peace X Peace engagement in the U.S. National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security

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UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security was a historic resolution adopted in 2000 that underlined the importance of women’s participation in peace processes to ensure comprehensive and sustainable conflict resolution. The three main requirements of Resolution 1325 are the following:

1: Increased participation of women in peace-building

The Resolution underline that just and sustainable peace can never be achieved if one ignores the needs, the concerns, the rights and the societal proposals of women, which represent half of any given post conflict population.

2: Prevention of and protection from gender-based violence

The Resolution recognizes the particular vulnerability of women in conflict, displacement and post-conflict contexts. Particular emphasis is placed on the responsibility of states to prosecute crimes of sexual violence and to put an end to impunity for all forms of gender-based violence against women.

3: Inclusion of a gender-sensitive perspective in all peace-building projects and programs.

The resolution calls for the consistent integration of the gender perspective in peace-building projects and programs. This was intended to have a particular impact on the recruitment and training of military and civilian personnel.

UN 1325 calls on all countries to implement 1325 through development of National Action Plans (NAP). So far only about 32 countries have developed one. The US launched its own plan last December. Kim Weichel, CEO of Peace X Peace, was actively engaged in the U.S. Civil Society Working Group that has met since July 2010 and provided recommendations and advise to US government agencies in the development of this plan. The working group is now actively engaged in the implementation of the plan. The civil society working group comprises organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing the rights, security and participation of women in the prevention of and response to conflict, and is made up of scholars, peace and development practitioners, and human rights advocates, with years of experience working with women across conflict zones worldwide. Convened by the Gender and Peacebuilding Center at the U.S. Institute of Peace, the Working Group has been regularly meeting since its formation in July 2010.

We are happy to assist other countries in the development of their own National Action Plans, and to encourage partnership between government and civil society engagement. For more information, feel free to contact Kim Weichel at kim(a)peacexpeace.org.

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