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Raise your voice!

Six easy ways to get involved


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Other ways to get involved

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10 Comments to “Raise your voice!”
  1. farhiya sheikh dahir says:

    hey i would love to take part in this hefty and meaningful discussions i work in one of the largest refugee camp and would love or rather volunteer any task you assign me now that am a muslim woman and would love to cannect with other women in general. how about connecting somali woman to arab and western i general?
    hoping to hear from you.

  2. farhiya sheikh dahir says:

    hey would love to join this meaningful course so that i connect women from all over the world. willing to take up any duties assigned to me voluntarily.
    hoping to hear from you soon.

  3. Hey I would like to share this with you and thanks for this opportunity you have granted to me to share what I have with the public. Within the Mukono Region, the causes of Domestic violence and commercial sexual exploitation of children are diverse. While it may be easy to place blame on criminal syndicates, to reduce exploiters to pimps and perverts, to disparage the children themselves as promiscuous or sexually irresponsible, no social sectors can escape responsibility for sexual exploitation of children.

    Since I came into this area, I have seen most of the Women more so girls in Mukono need significant emotional healing. These Women/girls

    are so withdrawn, submissive and subdued that they put up with anything in the course.

    As your extending your work to other parts of the world, EACO needs your support and cooperation for this project. You can volunteer with us or support us financially for this project.

    Potential Long Term Impact of this project is to help girls and women to be transformed from a state of hopelessness to a state of Excellence hence freeing them from exploitation and fully exhaust their potential.

  4. Caroline says:

    Thank you both for commenting! We would love if both of you could write stories for the site. Please email me at caroline(a)peacexpeace.org so we can connect about this. Thanks!

  5. Ghulam Mujtaba Ramay says:

    I am a social worker in Pakistan and work for the betterment of women condition in jails who have been entangled in criminal cases politically or with fake prosecution due to their social and economic weakness and I am president of an organization that generally work for the betterment of marginalized groups who are facing problems in the field of police harrasement and political imtimidation.My country is thied world country and in my country people are not politically aware and are being expolited socially and politically by political demoguges.In my country it is great need that women should come forward for a positive change in the counrty.But unfortunately international organization have not given any heed to my supplications wherever I have written ,no response I got from anywhere.I am trying to get some intention from any international organization who spcially work for positive change in the countries where people are being treated high handedly and the midddle class is not being given ang space to play their role in the change which is necessary for the betterment and development of the marginalized people in the country.If any member of the international organization which has been discussed above,reads my comment, must respons to me so that a network may be contructed to have the society changed positively .
    Ghulam Mujtaba Ramay advocate cell no:00923216521092 email gm_ramay@yahoo.com

  6. Dorree Lynn says:

    We are so fortunate to have a community such as PXP. We must keep it vital, growing,, far reaching and alive. Thank you Patricia and all of you who contribute so much.

    Dr. Dorree

  7. Barbara says:

    To have a great organization like Peace x Peace is heaven sent! It’s time for women all around the world to come together and continue to empower one another! Thanks Peace x Peace and all who contribute. Let’s all continue to do our part.

    Peace and Blessings!

    B. Teeter

    • Eve says:

      Dear Peace X Peace

      I am a member of the PCDN and got t know about this through same.

      I am also the Founder / President of Asian Press Institute [API], an independent, internationally operated, voluntary, non profit, web based organization, with the primary objective of voicing out the unheard voices of the poor, vulnerable women, young girls and girl children from all around the globe, through writing and journalism, towards bringing social change.

      While I take this opportunity to invite those interested to join API as writers or partners, I also wish to let you know my interest in joining you and submitting my stories.

      Hope to hear back from you
      Thank you
      Eve Ariyaratnam
      Asian Press Institute

  8. Ruth Jewell says:

    I would like to see information regarding the issues of violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women …..As an advocate, a Citizen of a Federally recognized Tribe and a woman I think we need to have a voice here,.

  9. Ruth Jewell says:

    As with the plight of women in many countries the plight of Native American and Alaska Native women being subjected to violence has reached epidemic levels.
    Since the time of European contact on the land of the indigenous, there has been a concerted effort to eliminate the very people that welcomed them. The minimization of value of women came with that influx of the foreigners. Historically the attitude towards women in colonial times was one of subservience and having no value except in the bedroom and kitchen. They certainly were believed to have no mind for business or political endeavors as those were “male “ things and at times not even allowed to be spoken of by women. Along with these attitudes came the belief that Native women especially were only good for satisfying the sexual desires of men and that being “heathens and savages” it did no harm as they were not worthy creatures in the first place but more like animals. Generally if the women died or were slaughtered in the quest of satisfaction or in the efforts to eliminate the race it was justified. If there were no women to give birth the race would disappear.
    From the introduction of disease, alcohol and a patriarchal lifestyle to the more current time of denying the Sovereignty of Tribes across the lower forty eight and Alaska the more dominant society has never stopped in its quest to eradicate Native people.
    The assumption of many that women of any country are less than worthy of respect or have value is and always has permeated the minds of oppressors.
    American Indian and Alaska Native women experience intimate partner abuse at alarming rates, often 10 times more frequently than those of other races. The lives of AI/AN women have been devalued for centuries. Just as in other countries that have astronomically high rates of abuse the devaluing of women has become the rule rather than the exception.
    Women historically were to be honored as life givers and yet when we look at the numbers of women being abused and murdered across this globe we find that the occurrence of violence against women has become so normalized that even those struggling to keep our women and children safe have become desensitized to the horrors placed in media headlines every day.
    Violence against women in all countries has taken on a semblance of normality and acceptability that creates a huge barrier to escaping that abuse.
    Abusers are taking advantage of that normalization and acceptability to an extreme. Abusers know that they will either be given the proverbial slap on the wrist or not be held accountable at all.
    When and if our Justice systems begin to apply sanctions and consequences to those that abuse women and children with the same attitude as they do drug dealers, those that murder strangers, and other non intimate relationship crimes, then and only then will we be able to stem the number of DV murders, assaults and violations of protective orders.
    Only when we have equal application of the laws and equal applications of value for life of everyone will we begin to see a difference.

    Until all women are safe across all nations the normalization of abuse will not stop. If our women are not safe then our countries are not safe. We cannot have peace in any area of our lives when we allow violence in any form to become so common that we disregard it just because it is happening to women.

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