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[16 Oct 2012 | One Comment | ]
Ntankah Village Women Work Tirelessly for Change in Cameroon

Theresa Fonjia Morfaw
Ntankah, Cameroon
The work of the Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group has been recognized nationally and internationally with numerous awards, including the Red Ribbon Award, the Cordaid Award, The Guardian’s post award, and the Watchdog Award as NGO of the Year. The Coordinator of Ntankah was also recognized with an award by YWCA in Kenya as one of 14 women leading change around the world.
The Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group is a grassroots women’s self-help group incorporated in Cameroon under the law on cooperatives and common initiative …

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[17 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Building Women for Peace in Nigeria

Naomi E. N. Akpan-Ita
Ogun State, Nigeria
“The longstanding practice of relegating women to the background has prevented the recognition and appreciation of the role of women in peace processes and decision-making matters.”
Imagine a world where women are allowed full participation and recognition. A world where women are given the space to express their hopes and fears for creating and ensuring peaceful, cooperative, and just societies. In Nigeria, just as in other societies across the globe, particularly in Africa, women are put into an iron box of patriarchy that suppresses their full …

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[25 Jul 2012 | No Comment | ]
A Question of Gender and Nutrition in Zambia

“We are working in partnership with Zambian organizations and government to plant the seeds for change and a shift in consciousness that will contribute to better health for women and children, and increase gender equality.”
We interviewed Christine Hadekel, Leland Fellow at the Congressional Hunger Center, about her work on a project that is developing an effective and holistic model to address chronic malnutrition (stunting) in Zambia. Her responses are below.
What interested you in the Congressional Hunger Center and work related to nutrition? Can you tell us more about the project you …

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[27 Jun 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
When Getting Your Period Means Missing More than Gym Class

Kirsti Shields
United States
“Today’s young girls will teach the next generation about puberty, sexuality, and reproductive health. The conspiracy of silence will have been broken.”
When my friend’s daughter got her first period last week, her mother bought her a bouquet of flowers. This isn’t what my mother would have done - we acknowledged such biological rites of passage in far more understated ways – but it was an apt and affirming tribute to what is – and should be – an auspicious landmark on the road to womanhood. My friend’s daughter was …