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[3 Nov 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
The Missing Peace

Michelle Townsend
“Artwork inspired by a self-described “simple Buddhist monk” hung in an ornate museum and in Sibiu’s 700 year old gothic cathedral, invited there by a priest who believes interfaith dialogue is a vital tool for making peace.”
At 12:05 a.m. on May 14, 2010, I carried a small tote and large breast pump to a VW Polo waiting at the edge of the cobbled Piaţa Mica in Sibiu, Romania.  I opened the rear door and began to thank our driver for embarking with my colleague Anca Mihulet …

Voices from the Frontlines »

[20 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Woman is the Future of Mankind

Anne Marie Codur
La femme est l’avenir de l’homme…Woman is the future of mankind.
I remember this line from a famous song by Jean Ferrat, one of the most celebrated French poets and songwriters of the last half-century. Before he passed away earlier this year, he was one of the most politically engaged French songwriters, giving his voice and support to all the oppressed of the world. In the wave of political feminism of the early 70s, his song almost became a symbol of the French Women’s Lib movement
In retrospect, I realize …

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[24 Jun 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
“Fourth World” Artist Asks: What Are You Doing for Peace?

This piece was originally published in October 2008, but Huong’s message about the power of peace is timeless: “The world is turning around, but you have to push. Peace calls everyone. Everyone has a job. Don’t give me any excuse. Doctor, teacher, singer? Tell me what you do, and I will tell you what you can do for peace.”
As a refugee, I belong to the fourth world, the people who have no country. I was born in Vietnam in 1950, at the beginning of the Vietnam War. I became a refugee …

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[13 Apr 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
The Size of My Family

- by Patricia Smith Melton
Founder, Peace X Peace
Editor, Sixty Years, Sixty Voices: Israeli and Palestinian Women
Few things have sharpened my thoughts about humans more than being in the middle of a divorce. I’m at: We are smart enough to be conscious of ourselves but not smart enough to comprehend our place in the universe. The universe is 156 billion light years wide. If you can grasp your relationship to that, you are, ahem, light years ahead of me.
Given the universe is Beyond Knowing and Way Too Scary, the human species …