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[24 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Flashes of Light

Alice Black
Northern Ireland
“People told me that I was making a difference, & I felt that I was. Then things took a slide.”
I am a trans-woman aged late 30s. I believe in angels. I like writing articles about my experiences to bring awareness and to bring peace.
Being trans-gendered I was always swimming against the tide. Society in the town was against me & life wasn’t easy, but I kept going forward, trying to promote diversity. People told me that I was making a difference not just for me but for other …

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[18 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Frontline Atlanta: Thirteen Years of Peacebuilding

Andrea Kay Smith
Having a Peace Center in a neighborhood formerly called “Little Vietnam” has been my greatest challenge, beginning in 1997 when I purchased my first house through FCS Urban Ministries. Thankfully I had a long history, since 1973, of being in Atlanta, which meant I had many resources to solve the looming problems of four crack houses, prostitution, gangs, fire bombings, homelessness, and crime.
There were no quick solutions, although over the years I’ve developed an 18-point Action Plan and begun a documentary “A Way Out,” detailing how to accomplish …

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[16 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
I want to bring about a summit between North Korea and the US President

Han Myeong Sook
Korea is a uniquely divided country in the world. It is the last one to be still divided, so peace is the most important issue, especially for women and children.
The dialogue about unification is dominated by men, and there is no room for Track II initiatives. That’s why we held the North East Asian Women’s Peace Conference, our own Six Party Talks from a feminist perspective.I believe that peace between South and North Korea is closely related to peace in the larger North East Asia region. We …

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[11 Feb 2010 | One Comment | ]
What a Kid Said, and Grandma’s Answer

Naba Al Barak Hamid
My friends, I hope you are enjoying your days.
My grandson Zozo soon will turn five. He enjoys my company. When he comes to my house he loves to use my acrylic colors for making some paintings.
Yesterday he made one painting, what you see here, and commented on it. I am totally embarrassed, shattered and scared by his sharp words.
I will share with you Zozo’s painting and comment.
“You know what is this painting, Grandma?” Zozo asked.
I replied, “NO.”
He continued: “Look, Grandma, the earth is BURNING! You know …