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[6 Sep 2012 | One Comment | ]
Street Children in Morocco Need Help

Yasmina Mrabet
Kenitra, Morocco
“Morocco is a country with a culture of almsgiving, so street children will almost always find something to eat and clothes to wear. However, food and clothes are not all that is necessary to address and alleviate their dire circumstances.”
The problem of street children in Morocco is widespread. They are born into extreme poverty, and they can be found living in the streets as early as the age of 6 or 7. It is a method of survival – some to gather money for their families, some to …

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[23 Aug 2012 | One Comment | ]
The Globalization of Beauty?

Do you think ‘beauty’ is becoming globalized? What exactly does it mean to be ‘beautiful?’ and what messages should we be sending women around the world when we define concepts of beauty? Below are a series of links to articles exploring concepts of beauty and their impact on societies around the world.

Beauty Redefined blog: No Prince Charming Can Conquer Your Body Image Battle
The New York Times: Bodies Altered in Pursuit of Beauty
Hub Page by Maddie Ruud: Western Standards of Beauty: An Illustrated Timeline
Jezebel: Models’ Real Faces, Before The Photoshop Magic
Women’s …

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[10 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]
Stop Domestic Violence: Wake Up, Speak Up, Team Up

Zerqa Abid
Columbus, Ohio USA

“What is the use of a campaign of awareness in the absence of action?…We are urging all Muslims in North America to join hands with us. This is a community project. “
Domestic violence is an injustice that is prohibited in Islam. Islam promotes peace, love and tranquility (“Sakinah”) inside the home and within marriages. Muslims in general are asked to help stop violence and injustice against people by stopping their oppressors and abusers. Project Sakinah, an initiative of Dar al Islam, has taken a lead in doing …

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[25 Jun 2012 | 4 Comments | ]
Muslim Feminists on the Internet

Sadia Ali
Middle East

“…while one can maintain that Islam as a religion may not need feminism, when it comes to predominantly Muslim societies in which patriarchal systems prevail, many will argue that feminism is needed.”
About seven years ago I was introduced to the Blogosphere and began following the blogs of Muslims who discussed a variety of topics from halal food to polygamy. I live in the Middle East region, and from the blogs of Western Muslims I saw an obvious difference between the way Islam is practiced by Muslims living in …