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[3 Apr 2013 | 2 Comments | ]
Art Is Magic! An Interview with Manal Deeb

Connection Point Director Yasmina Mrabet interviewed Palestinian American Visual Artist Manal Deeb about the inspiration behind her art and the influence of identity.
Can you share a little about your personal background? What inspired you to pursue a career in art?
Career is not the word – I pursued art as a healing tool – it was to translate inner conflict.  To me art is therapy and something I do naturally every day. I used to think that my artistic talent is personal and that I should keep it to myself – the …

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[27 Mar 2013 | 2 Comments | ]
Arab American Woman Works to Make Peace

Karin Kemp
United States
“What [the attacks] confirmed to me was that as a member of any immigrant community, you can not live on the periphery of society. People cannot speak on your behalf or defend you if they do not know you,” she said.
In 2012, when insurgents were unleashing a string of attacks across Iraq, who would have dared take on the task of bringing warring religious factions together in face-to-face talks?
That would be Alma Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, an immigrant to the U.S. from the Middle East and founder of Kommon Denominator, a …

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[19 Feb 2013 | One Comment | ]
Elegant Truth: We Can Live with That

Patricia Smith Melton
Peace X Peace Founder
These are my thoughts on answers to conflict before a series of Peace X Peace-sponsored screenings of the documentary Within the Eye of the Storm featuring an Israeli and a Palestinian father whose young daughters were killed in the ongoing violence. The screenings will be in the DC area February 21 to 26. In their grief the two fathers, who will be presenting at the screenings along with the director, went from being enemy fighters to best friends.

Scientific truth has elegance about it. Elegance is …

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[6 Feb 2013 | One Comment | ]
Reconciliation and Reality: A Fragile Hope Survives

Sabina Pstrocki-Šehović
Bosnia and Herzegovina
“Without being critical, it is common for many to simply accept the dominating media discourse, even though it is getting us far from truth and away from constructive dialogue.”
I recently took part in a program called Ambassadors of Reconciliation, which gathered participants from three countries of our region Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo. For some people, I must say, reconciliation among these three countries still sounds impossible. Some admit that they don’t want it, and victims naturally still hope for retaliation, whereas for others it seems …