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[9 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]
<em>Generation Peace:</em>It Could Be You or Someone You Love

- by Abby Smith
Welcome February, the month of love! During this month we will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day spent with the one you love. For some of us this is a great day and a much-needed break from the mundane of the day to day relationship, a chance to renew that spark. For some it is a day when we are reminded of painful memories of abuse and pain associated with the person we love. This month in PeaceTimes we are discussing violence against women, a topic I never …

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[8 Feb 2012 | One Comment | ]
Men’s Movements Worldwide Declare Peace between the Sexes

- By Mary Liepold, Editor in Chief
According to UNWomen’s first annual report, gender violence is legal in one-third of the world’s nations. Though women routinely suffer abuse in countries that criminalize it, impunity for abusers is all but certain where the culture accepts violence as normal. Fortunately for us all, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has made ending violence against women a hallmark of his tenure since he took office in 2007. He reinforced the seminal SC Resolution 1325, on Women, Peace, and Security, with resolutions 1820, 1888, and 1889, all …

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[6 Feb 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
“What Manhood Might Be”: Men Changing Cultures to Stop Sexual Violence

- By Mary Liepold, Editor in Chief

Have you ever heard the expression “All’s fair in love and war?” Think about it for a moment. It implies not only that all the rules are suspended during wartime, but that something called “love” gives sanction to the same anarchy.
In recent years, necessary attention has been focused on rape as a tool of war. The atrocities inflicted on women, children, and men in wartime are unconscionable. But war itself is unconscionable. War destroys the patterns and the structures of everyday life. To me, …

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[3 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]
Peace Links: Israeli Women, South Sudan, and Australian Disasters

Here are your weekly Peace Links!  Lots of news coming in this week – violence in South Sudan, tension in Israel, and more.

I already tweeted this on Tuesday, but I think it is important news that I haven’t heard much about (too busy covering the GOP contest no doubt!).  Here’s the gist: “…the world’s newest nation is grappling with a virus of tribal violence.” Read the rest of Sudarsan Raghavan’s report at The Washington Post.

And here is another story we’ve been following – tension in Israel between religious and …