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[21 Dec 2011 | 3 Comments | ]
Muslim Americans Stand Up against Domestic Violence

Salma Elkadi Abugideiri
“We as Muslims should be the forerunners in the domestic violence movement, because our religion mandates us to stand for justice and to stand against oppression of any kind.”
Connection Point Manager Yasmina Mrabet interviewed Salma Elkadi Abugideiri, Co-Director of the Peaceful Families Project, about her work addressing domestic violence issues in American Muslim communities. Her responses are below.
What led you to focus your work on combating domestic violence in American Muslim communities in particular?
I am a mental health professional by training and it was my intention as a …

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[20 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]
Acid, A Weapon of Domestic Violence

Danielle Prince
Cambodia/United States
Editor’s Note: Danielle Prince, who has written for Voices before about violence in Sudan, reports now from Cambodia.  Danielle, along with Ashlee Larsen, a Brigham Young graduate student, accompanied Stirring the Fire founder Phil Borges as he documented the work of Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity. This piece is reposted from the Stirring the Fire blog.  All photos are taken by Danielle.

Our small team, consisting of Phil (head photographer/film-maker), Ashlee (recent graduate in photography), and me (scribe/blogger), traveled to two women’s houses to meet them and document their stories. …

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[31 May 2011 | 3 Comments | ]
Samah Saliame: How to End Honor Killings

Samah Salaime
Samah Salaime spoke with Connection Point Project Manager Najuan Daadleh about  how “the childhood trauma which resulted from [witnessing honor killings], along with [her] professional background as a social worker …” led her to found Na`am, an organization that works to end honor killings.
When I was in the ninth grade, I remember the first woman who was killed in my village. She was 15 years old and her father forced her to drink poison. They claimed that it was something to do with honor. At around the same time, …

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[25 May 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Can We End Violence Against Women?

Gwynne Hunt

“Feminist Marilyn French once said that’ patriarchy is tricky and we mustn’t underestimate it.  It is enormously difficult to reduce violence’.  We have to begin.  Every member of society has to take responsibility.  Eliminate the negative words we call women.  Don’t ask what she was wearing when she was raped. Don’t feel good and safe because she was in the wrong part of town.  Do not get comfortable in your home—most women die there.”
Violence against women is a well-documented fact.  I have spent the last six years researching …