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[2 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
A Simple Technological Idea: Yoga

Sowmya Ayyar
“My technological idea is simple: help women empower themselves and transform their own lives.”
Yesterday, I attended the Center for Science, Technology and Society’s Global Social Benefit Incubator presentations at Santa Clara University in California and was inspired again to find or create a technology to help others with. I searched my skill set for unique technologies that I could offer. Only one came to mind: yoga.
What is technology, anyway? For you and me, it’s about the internet, mobile phones, and lots of …

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[25 May 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
We’re Not Keeping It in the Family Anymore

Pillar of Peace: Conflict Transformation
Commentary by Alicia Simoni, Community Manager and Staff Writer
In response to an article I recently wrote—Making Sense of Violence (While Getting a Pedicure)—a thoughtful reader reminded me of the unfortunate reality that violence against women and  “the dedication to keeping family events ‘in the family’ runs through our history.”
I absolutely agree. There is nothing new about violence against women. If it hasn’t existed forever—perhaps men were more willing to acknowledge women as equals when women were priests and the powers that govern the universe were depicted …

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[12 May 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
Making Sense of Violence (While Getting a Pedicure)

Pillar of Peace: Conflict Transformation, Health and Well-being
Commentary by Alicia Simoni
“Psshht. He is so good looking. It would’ve been one thing if she was the beautiful one. If he was a dud and she’d left him for someone else. But, look, they’re both so beautiful.”
The faces on the screen look familiar. The all-American young man and woman. Him with disheveled, longish, dirty-blond (read: sexy) hair and don’t-mess-with-me (read: confident) eyes. Her with a brimming smile (read: friendly) and big, blue eyes (read: stunning). White skin, lacrosse uniforms, University emblems. They …

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[9 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
International Women’s Day:  why it’s necessary

- by Patricia Smith Melton
Founder, Peace X Peace
Editor, Sixty Years, Sixty Voices: Israeli and Palestinian Women
Holidays are time-linked Post-its to remind us of people and events we might otherwise forget.  In that sense, International Women’s Day is the same as other days named for this or that person, movement, or social concept.
Valentine’s Day = love and appreciation.  Martin Luther King Day = nonviolence and equality.  Secretary’s Day = recognition that others hold you together.  Fourth of July = freedom is valuable.  Religious holidays = connection to something larger than …