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[18 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]
“Empowering women as a Development Tool”…What Would Hifni Malak Say?

Najuan Daadleh
Washington, DC, USA and Palestine
“Unfortunately, despite our repeated efforts to speak on our own behalf, to remind the world of our history of self-empowerment outside of the context of “development tools” imported by the West, it is my perception that our voice still has not been heard or internalized by those in the West to whom it is addressed.”
In July 2010 the UN General Assembly created the United Nations Entity for gender equality and empowerment of women. The creation of such an entity has come as an attempt to …

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[6 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]
Peace Links: What Do the Activists Say?

These are just a few voices of the many activists around the world fighting for women’s rights and gender equality. Check them out!

In Where Women Still Struggle, Khaleej Times, Randa El Tahawy explains that women in Egypt have NOT been silent in the face of oppression, and continue to organize and speak out to demand inclusion and equal rights.
Three young women, Emma Axelrod, Elena Tsemberis, and Sammi Sigel have started a petition, and it has already been signed by over 100,000 people! Read more on It’s Time for a …

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[16 May 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
In Egypt, the Complicated Politics of Circumcision

Nadine Ibrahim

“To refuse the surgery is not to prevent it happening elsewhere––to its full extent––where razors are blunt, and anesthetic a luxury. The psychologically destructive aspect of the procedure is never brought up.”
The two young girls––one six, one ten––flocked to my side, holding my hand, telling me enthusiastically that they are cousins. “I can tell! You look alike; you are both very pretty,” I told them, and they glanced at each other surprised before running back to their mothers. A few days prior, the mother of the youngest girl had come to …

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[29 Mar 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
Peace X Peace Forums: Political <em>and</em> Religious Reform Needed

Peace X Peace Forums: Women and the Arab Spring
Welcome to the first Peace X Peace Forum! These forums, which we hope to host regularly, will take on pressing issues in the world of peacebuilding and gender. This time, we have gathered women from around the Middle East – from Egypt to Tunisia and beyond – to discuss how women have influenced the Arab Spring, and the impact it has had on them. We hope you enjoy this discussion and add your own thoughts in the comments!
To Reconcile Arab Women: Activate …