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[18 Jan 2012 | One Comment | ]
In Egypt, Celebrating Human Rights through Art

Yasmine Mahmoud Fakhry
“It is time for us to build Egypt and contribute to peacebuilding and positive change, rather than engage in violence and create chaos.”
This is a time of great turbulence in Egypt, during which the country has been shaken by violence and political instability and people have become increasingly desperate and frustrated every day.  This is especially true because the Egyptian media’s focus has been only on negative and disturbing news. In such a critical time, I seized the opportunity to engage my students at the College of Engineering …

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[29 Nov 2011 | One Comment | ]
Post-Conflict Empowerment: An Interview with Claire Naylor

“[T]he more I work on peacebuilding, the more I’m convinced that it isn’t a job, it’s an identity- so I love that what I do is an extension of who I am, or at least, who I try to be.”
Below is an interview with our Generation Peace Award winner, Claire Naylor.  Claire is the Co-founder of Women LEAD, an organization that works to empower women and girls in Nepal.  You can hear more about her project on December 5th, at our Women, Power, and Peace Awards.  Get your …

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[20 Jul 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Women’s Spring in Israel

Roni Aloni-Sadovnik
with an introduction by Irit Hakim
“This project is called Women’s Spring, and it is a peace initiative in the form of a written document.  The document appears below. We hope that it will help create a peace agreement in our wounded region. We feel and believe that women might succeed where men had been failed until now.”

I am an advocate for women’s rights and for peace in Israel. I have joined with Roni Aloni-Sadovnik, a lawyer who works tirelessly for women and children, on a new initiative …

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[12 Jul 2011 | No Comment | ]
Women Demonstrating in the Square

Mehrunisa Qayyum
“Zahraa Said received my excited greeting calmly and humbly; her voice is powerfully soft.  I realized that her voice echoed because she led by amplifying the voices of others–not because she possesses a loud voice like Gloria Steinem; she does not.  Instead, she amplified her voice by action–not by assuming authority or ambitious rhetoric.”

Recognizing movements from Tiananmen Square to Tahrir Square, the Goddess of Democracy Award transforms low profile grassroots efforts into globally recognized emblems of history.  Inspired by the Goddess of Liberty statue …