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[10 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
I Love My Country Beyond Intolerance

Rubina Feroze Bhatti
“Pakistan is passing through a very difficult time of its life. This is the time I must support my country.”
Interfaith work is something I’ve been involved with since my childhood. I was born in a religious minority (Christian) community. The first nine years of my life were very beautiful. I lived in a village where my parents taught in two different government schools. My village was a symbol of interfaith harmony and I spent a beautiful childhood with my Christian and Muslim friends. We didn’t have any sense …

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[10 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
<em>In Women’s Hands</em>: From Anger to Action: The Women of Srebrenica Organize

We’ve been featuring regular updates from Peace X Peace Community Member Vanessa Ortiz on her journey to Bosnia to capture the stories of strong, resilient women who form the backbone of a movement for truth, justice, and resistance. The original postings can be found on Vanessa’s blog, In Women’s Hands.
Vanessa Ortiz
USA/Bosnia and Herzogovina
One persistent theory I have after meeting with several women and mother’s group of Srebrenica is this: anger can be a mobilizing force. I’ve always felt that people have to be pissed-off enough about something to rise up …

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[8 Jun 2010 | No Comment | ]
We Invite You All to Be Involved as Peacemakers

Michel Ngoy Mulunda
Congo – DRC
When this article was originally posted in November 2008 the women and men of DRC were experiencing “very serious concerns, particularly with violence and the fragility of the peace agreements in the eastern area of this country.” It is now nearly two years later and the situation remains much the same. Perhaps Michel was right in saying, “attitude of the rest of the international community, the grand powerful countries and the sister NGOs, is not fully engaged to terminate this routine of war in the eastern …

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[7 Jun 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
The Why behind the Flotilla

Mares Hirchert
“George Galloway said, ‘If the governments of the world won’t act to lift the illegal blockade of Gaza, then ordinary people will.’  ”
On June 5th, 2010, my husband and I attended an AMP (American Muslims for Palestine) Freedom Flotilla Survivors dinner reception. Mr. Joe Meadors, Survivor of the USS Liberty, and Mr. Edward Peck, Former US Ambassador, spoke about what happened on their ship in the flotilla, which was also boarded by Israeli commandos in international waters on May 31st. (No one was killed on theirs, so there was …