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[7 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
Judge: 20 Years for Abusive Husband

Charles Wanyoro
Women in Meru North region of Kenya are still celebrating after a 27-year-old man who chopped off his wife’s hands was jailed for 20 years by a local magistrate’s court. They hope the sentencing will deter the ever-increasing list of abusive husbands from battering their wives.
Ayub Gikundi slashed both of his wife Ms Linet Wanja’s hands inside their home in Igembe South District, accusing her of infidelity. On the night of September 20, 2007, Gikundi had knocked at the door in the dead of night. When his wife promptly …

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[30 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]

Mutabar Tadjibayeva
My passion for my work has been ignited by my own bitter experience. Human rights issues, and especially the rights of women, remain a serious concern in Uzbekistan. Through the NGO I helped to found, the Fiery Hearts Club, I have been able to bring attention to these issues in the Ferghana Valley-one of the most sensitive regions of Central Asia. I help people seek and find justice. I have monitored trials, published articles on child labor, reported on violations of human rights, and organized public campaigns.
In August 2003, …

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[19 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]
The Girl Child Network Turned Ten on March 21

Betty Makoni
Nineteen ninety nine to Oh Oh nine !!!!!!!!
I have seen them all
Shockers and shakers
Starters and strugglers
Winners and losers
Nineteen ninety nine to Oh Oh nine!!!!!!
Girls of power
And girls of the poor with great potential
Girls destined
And girls distanced
I have seen them all in one decade
Organizations of friends
And organizations of foes
Organizations infiltrated
And organizations filtered
Oh oh nine!!!!!!!
Directors who founded organizations
And directors who find organizations
Directors who make sense
And directors who make cents
Directors of passion
And directors of pastime
Staff who perform
And staff who perforate
Staff who give excuses
And staff who give excesses
Boards that stay on board
And …

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[9 Mar 2009 | No Comment | ]
The Future Looks Bright for Women

Eman Mohammed
For the past few decades, the world locally and internationally has victimized women. Although they didn’t ask for or choose that victim role, they were blamed for it anyway and cut off from most their rights.
This oppression continued and went farther by stopping women from getting education, work, ambitions, opinions, and dreams. The goal was to erase the women’s personalities and replace them with the form that others chose instead.
However, the magic was reversed on the magician when women started to talk back and rebel against these unfair, man-made …