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[6 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
The Recent Release of Aung San Suu Kyi: A Cynical Ploy?

Kyi May Kaung
“I don’t want to wake up one morning and find out that, like Benazir Bhutto, Aung San Suu Kyi is gone.”
As an ardent fan of Aung San Suu Kyi, a true believer in democracy and human rights, and as a mother myself, I can’t help but be happy to see Suu Kyi “free at last” and reunited after ten years with her younger son Kim Aris. Ten years must have felt very long, however brave a front she puts on.
I also can’t help feeling that letting Suu Kyi …

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[18 Nov 2010 | One Comment | ]
Aung San Suu Kyi: a flame we recognize

by Patricia Smith Melton
Founder, Peace X Peace
Editor, Sixty Years, Sixty Voices: Israeli and Palestinian Women
Aung San Suu Kyi. Some people catch us in our secret heart, the “child heart” that’s still pure against the vicissitudes of life, and time, and wear and tear—the heart that seen from the distance of our adulthood appears to be only a small flame, but when we get closer, we see we could enter infinity through it.
When I look at my grandson, I sense that his entirety is still made up of …

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[14 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Peace Is Communication

“Now that the health care bill has passed, it is time to listen to each other. It has been fun to . . .  see the way people react to an exhibit that presents voices from both sides, all sides, equally.”
I have four projects in hand right now. One is the Obama Mural. I unveiled it the day after President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, to capture the excitement and the controversy. It is now touring Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, all the chief cities) on its way around …

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[13 Dec 2009 | One Comment | ]
Is President Obama a Peacebuilder? Are YOU?

- Guest Commentary by Debbie Hines, Esq.
On December 10, 2009 President Obama received the Nobel Peace prize. The Nobel Peace Prize has been given to only four American presidents since its inception in 1901. There was much criticism amid President Obama’s being awarded the Nobel Prize.
Some say he was a new president with little to no experience in peace. That’s true. Others clamored that the United States is in two wars now. Just a week before his acceptance, President Obama ordered thousands more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. That’s …