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[11 Dec 2012 | No Comment | ]
Reflections on Women and Disaster

Aditi Aryal
“Albeit all this, a woman does not give up. She’s not weak. Her responsibilities and duties along with the taunts and abuses have made her strong from the outset.”
Women During Disaster
Some five years back, South Asia saw disasters, a number of disasters. These disasters germinated starvation, epidemics, political instability, climate change, and violence. Like always, women were heavily victimized.
For example, after the 2010 floods in Pakistan, it was estimated that about 85% of the overall displaced people were women and children. Sexual assault and exposure to water-borne diseases increased. …

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[28 Nov 2012 | 5 Comments | ]
From Utter Despair to Hope: My Work with Internally Displaced Women and Children

Tania Saleem
Sitting in a lawn of a guest house in Abbottabad I looked at the big United Nations (UN) Vehicles passing on the road in front of the guesthouse we were living in. “Where are these huge UN vehicles going?” I asked myself. They were on their way to Mansehra for relief and recovery work as Mansehra had become a city of Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN Agencies after the most devastating earthquake of the century. At that time I was working as an Assistant Professor at a University thousands …

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[21 Sep 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
Announcing the 2012 Women, Power, & Peace Award Winners

Peace X Peace celebrates the International Day of Peace and its own 10th anniversary this year by announcing the 2012 Women, Power, and Peace Awards. The six awards honor extraordinary individuals and organizations on the frontlines of peace and women’s achievements, contributions and self-empowerment worldwide.
The Patricia Smith Melton Award honors Palestinian radio personality and documentary producer Rula Salameh. Ms. Salameh’s weekly television program highlights Palestinians of special needs, patients who need support for immediate treatment, and needy families. Read our profile on Rula Salameh.
The Peace Philanthropy Award goes to Somy …

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[21 Aug 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
A Voice from Pakistan: Of Martyrs and Marigolds

Aquila Ismail
Karachi, Pakistan
“Each survivor owes it to those who do not survive to account for them.”
For forty years I wanted to write of the one bloody spring day when the land of my birth was no more mine. That soft, misty February morning dawned forty-five days after the sixteenth of December 1971, when East Pakistan, the land my parents had chosen as their home following the great partition of the Indian subcontinent, had become Bangladesh. And all those who had come to this land from India or had, like me, …