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[19 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Determining Development Priorities: A Palestinian Right

Nora Lester Murad
Jerusalem, Palestine
“Even well-meaning individuals sometimes fail to ‘get’ how certain ways of giving can entrench rather than challenge the power imbalance between givers and receivers.”
Palestinian women sometimes respond to international feminist critiques with a rhetorical question: “Why would I want equal rights with my husband when he has no rights?” It is a provocative question. It is based on a belief that is common in Palestine and elsewhere: Women’s struggles are intimately intertwined with struggles for national self-determination, human rights for all, and peace.
Dalia Association approaches self-determination from …

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[12 Sep 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Anya Antopolski: A Settler’s Report from the West Bank

Interview by Peace X  Peace Founder Patricia Smith
“…why I want to meet with my neighbors — well, first, because it is interesting. And I think it’s crazy to live in this country and know nothing of all the people living there. And, for me it’s part of feeling at home here, and not as a guest.”

Anya Antopolski is a Russian Israeli settler on the West Bank, the land she calls Judea and Samaria and which, to her, has been the “greater Israel” for over two thousand …

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[18 Aug 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
An Encounter in Jaffa: Giving Peacebuilders a Voice

Jessica Lane
United States/Israel
“Let the other side feel that you are just, you speak from your inside, your soul, from your heart, that you really want to live in peace with him.”
Earlier today I found myself sitting in the make-up room of the Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa in Israel waiting for Adiv Rahshar, the Arab Artistic Director, to sit down with me for an interview. I look around at the bare walls with scattered Hebrew notices posted to them; I hear the …

Voices from the Frontlines »

[8 Aug 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
<em>No More Enemies</em> in Israel and Palestine

Deb Reich
“The Internet age has given us a kind of global nervous system for all humanity. We are certainly becoming one extended human family; one community. In that reality, everyone’s human rights are inherently interactive and interconnected – starting with the reciprocal right of all human beings on this planet to refuse to be enemies.”
I see new reason for hope in all the places where peace has eluded us for so long – places like Palestine, and Israel, where I live. Here, the term “peace” has become almost emptied …