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[30 May 2013 | One Comment | ]
Listen to All Syrian Voices

Susan Dirgham
Elaine Tucci is asking us to empathise with the people of Syria, to see them as we might see our neighbours. This is something we all should be doing, without a doubt. However, we must hear the stories of as many of the 23 million Syrians as we can, not just stories which present one side of this war as presented in her article, and especially not that side which supports a further militarisation of the conflict.
I have recently returned from Lebanon and Syria. I was part of a …

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[29 May 2013 | One Comment | ]
Legend of the Cipher and the Art of Self-Expression

Connection Point Director Yasmina Mrabet interviewed Moroccan-American Media Producer Zeen Rachidi, a member of the team that created Legend of the Cipher, the first hip hop card game.  Zeen shares his perspective on how women are portrayed in the gaming and hip hop industries, and how this card game provides a platform for dialogue and social change.
Can you share with us a little about your personal background, and the inspiration behind the new card game ‘Legend of the Cipher’?
I hesitate to call Legend of the Cipher something that was inspired. Rather, …

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[23 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Knowing the Revolution by Heart

Caroline Ayoub
Damascus, Syria
“I had decorated Easter chocolate eggs with ribbons, and on each ribbon I wrote a verse from both the Bible and the Quran, because I wanted the Syrian children to be aware of our unity.”
Throughout the past year many came to understand the complexities of the Syrian society, and women’s roles in this society are no exception. The male/female roles in Syrian society have changed a lot since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Many Syrian women who had been prisoners to a routine lifestyle broke the status …

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[21 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
The Founding Moms: Peace, Sanity, and Profitability

Jill Salzman
Chicago, Illinois  
In the three years that I’ve run The Founding Moms, I never expected that we would take any part in building peace around the world. It was not my intention when we started off. But that’s precisely what’s became of our grassroots organization.
When I launched my first meeting of mom entrepreneurs via in 2010, I invited any woman in my small town who had a business and had babies to meet up. At the time, I was running two businesses and was pregnant with my second …