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[21 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
The Founding Moms: Peace, Sanity, and Profitability

Jill Salzman
Chicago, Illinois  
In the three years that I’ve run The Founding Moms, I never expected that we would take any part in building peace around the world. It was not my intention when we started off. But that’s precisely what’s became of our grassroots organization.
When I launched my first meeting of mom entrepreneurs via in 2010, I invited any woman in my small town who had a business and had babies to meet up. At the time, I was running two businesses and was pregnant with my second …

Voices from the Frontlines »

[16 May 2013 | 3 Comments | ]
Listening to "The Other": Reflections on Storytelling and Conflict

Noa Baum
Jerusalem & Washington, D.C.

Since 2002, Israeli-born storyteller Noa Baum has performed “A Land Twice Promised”, a one-woman show based on her dialogue with a Palestinian woman also living in the United States. The piece weaves together both the women’s and their mothers’ memories of war and occupation. Baum’s work illuminates the complex and contradictory history and emotions that surround Jerusalem for Israelis and Palestinians alike.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seeps despair into the Western consciousness, with more than 60 years of wars and occupation, thousands dead, and no end in sight. …

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[15 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Immigrants’ Rights Are a Women's Issue

Gisela Santiago
Los Angeles, United States
“All women — regardless of immigration status or of color —  deserve equal access to reproductive care and equal treatment in all aspects of life. Immigrants’ rights are a women’s issue.”
May 1st, known as International Workers Day, has become a day to demand full rights for immigrants and work equality here in Los Angeles and across the US. Even though the United States is known as a place of opportunity and success, the harsh reality is that while there are stories of success there are also …

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[9 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Peace X Peace @ 10: The Road Ahead

We have big goals for 2013. We are launching a series of leadership training programs ― short online courses and multi-day training workshops. We will hold in-person cross-cultural dialogues both in Washington DC, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond. We are growing our popular Mentorship program as well as our Connection Point web dialogues so more and more women can strengthen each other. We are expanding our advocacy efforts in the field of women, peace, and security to advance peace and the status of women everywhere. We are in conversation …