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[5 Jun 2013 | 3 Comments | ]
We Are the Wretched of the Earth

We are the Wretched of the Earth
By Malini Mohana, South Africa
Anene Booysen is raped, mutilated, dead.
Let’s tweet, let’s share, let’s “like.”
Let’s advertise our poorly veiled apathy through media mindstorms - click click click revolution?
Some people have stood up, they have said “No. No. This is not ok.”
They have written articles in good faith and of good value, that have expressed the right things from a place of intelligence and of empathy.
Here is one and another, and another, and some more.
It has all been said. What is left to say?
What do we do now?
I suppose I could write …

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[22 May 2013 | 2 Comments | ]
Who Profits from Women's Humiliation?

Sabina Pstrocki-Šehović
Bosnia and Herzegovina
“The worst in the chain of female degradation are the profiteers who ‘get all the gold.’”
Some time ago the notorious rape in India shook the world, and for some time it was discussed as a tragedy and horror across the globe. In Bosnia, when I read an article about an almost equally horrible rape in Zivinice, where a minor girl was raped by several men, no one talked about it. Because here, rape and humiliation is everyday practice in diverse social contexts―even at home. The article was …

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[1 May 2013 | 3 Comments | ]
Sexual violence as a peacetime-wartime continuum

Kirthi Jayakumar
“Wartime gender discrimination and violence is proof of a prevalent undercurrent of socio-cultural dynamics that speak of gender discrimination in peacetime.”
That gender-based and sexual violence is a weapon of war, and a painfully common occurrence in nearly every warfront, is a fact. What is obscure, and perhaps little considered in the strategies developed to tackle sexual violence, is that it is as rooted in peacetime as it is in wartime. Gender violence is ubiquitous and exists as a phenomenon in a continuum of sorts between peacetime and wartime.
In both peacetime …

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[21 Mar 2013 | 5 Comments | ]
Activists: Demand Justice for All Women

Aditi Aryal
“We do not need protesters and activists fighting for us after we are raped or almost killed. We need them to fight for rights that make sure such cases never occur.”
The sensationalized news about Delhi gang rape has stirred the minds of many. Despite the anti-violence against women rallies worldwide to curb the same that ended just some days ago, a very shameful act was witnessed, a slap across every activist’s and feminist’s face.
This is the Indian capital we are talking about. The capital of a country which boasts …