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Reasons Behind Equality Became A US Foreign Policy Priority 

Human rights are the fundamental human rights and this is the policy which is established in the United States and is implemented for every human being on the planet. There are many rights included like right to live free from violence, slavery and discrimination. Also there are many women who are facing issues in getting […]

Why Trump’s Lawyer Is Fighting For Women Rights In Poland? 

Plenty of people in Poland are on the street if the Polish capital because of the women rights. The women over there aren’t getting their rights which are why the trump’s lawyer is with them and fighting for the women rights. As we saw that in most part of the world women are facing terrible issues because of […]

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Why ESports Prize Pools are set to Double Soon

The world of Esports has seen a huge growth in popularity both by viewers and players which has led to a huge increase in the prizes that are offered for winning a sports event. Esports basically consists of the combination of sporting events and gaming and there are now multiple tournaments all over the world that are enjoyed by millions. The high-profile nature of these events has led to some pretty desirable prizes being offered for those that are skilled enough players to win the tournament. However, now we may see an even bigger increase in the prizes as we see more and more people joining in to put their skills to the test and the companies must keep the events interesting by almost doubling the prize pools for the champions of Esports. 

E-Sports Increased Popularity  

 It is said that the increased societal focus on Esports as a national sporting event is the main reason why the prizes are set to increase by such a huge amount, prior to the event’s popularity we would see pretty small prizes being offered to the winner or in some cases it would be that the winner would hold a national title without being offered a cash sum for their success. As the industry is seeming to boost so significantly it makes total sense that the hosting companies would increase the stakes so that a more substantial prize is being offered to the winners.  

The increased stakes that have been put upon these games make them that much more entertaining to watch as a viewer as well as the increased pressure that is put onto the players. As Esports is becoming such a huge part of the mainstream sporting world in order to increase the number of viewers the companies have had to put extra incentives in place to keep the audience engaged as well as encouraging more players to give it a go and try to win the huge prize pool.  

You may be wondering why the companies hosting these Esports events would increase the prize money so significantly as it will decrease the overall profits that they make. However this really isn’t the case as the growth in popularity has opened up new money-making opportunities to the companies running them, such as advertising at the events and hosting food and drink for the audience that is present. This industry has grown in such a way that there is so much money to be made that can help accommodate the higher prize money.  

As the pressure is on so much more for the players who take part in Esports competition we have also seen an increase in the training methods used by gamers to help prepare them for the event, for example the use of boosting to help increase a gamers skill level. It is very well known that elo boosting is great if you have a busy schedule so that you can increase your gaming score with little effort.  



The Two Car Companies Forming an Unlikely Partnership

Since Toyota Motor Corp and Suzuki Motor Corp (both Japan) first announced their plans to explore a business partnership in October 2016, their cooperation has come a long way. In March 2020 the two automakers decided to expand their alliance to markets in Africa and Europe, where they will sell each other’s vehicles and share technical know-how. The two automakers will collaborate on hybrids and electric vehicles, in what could be the first step towards a broader alliance. Using the volkswagen VIN decoder you may be able to find out information about the car before you purchase. In addition to bringing together Toyota’s strength in electrification technologies and Suzuki’s strength in technologies for compact vehicles, the two manufacturers intend to grow in new fields, such as collaboration in production and the widespread popularisation of electrified vehicles.


Forging a partnership

One of the first joint initiatives undertaken by Toyota and Suzuki was to launch EVs in India by 2020. Suzuki, through its subsidiary Maruti Suzuki, is by far the market leader there, giving it a strong platform to expand into alternative fuel vehicles. Toyota will work on the procurement of hybrid systems, batteries, and engines in India. It has also considered supplying its hybrid-car system to Suzuki for the global market while building two EVs for Suzuki on its RAV4 and Corolla platforms in Europe.

The two Japanese automakers have also agreed to expand their collaboration to vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines. Suzuki plans to supply two compact cars based on its Ciaz sedan and Ertiga multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to Toyota in India, as well as exploring the supply of its India-made vehicles to Toyota in Africa. Additionally, it has also provided newly developed engines for Toyota’s compact cars, with the production of these engines taking place at Toyota’s manufacturing site in Poland. Suzuki’s Maruti Suzuki India subsidiary has managed to capture a massive 46% market share in India. The next closest competitor, Hyundai Motor India, musters 16%. Toyota is far behind with less than 5% market share, but the company is hoping its partnership with Suzuki can change its fortunes. Even before this deal was announced, Toyota and Suzuki were in talks to work together in the Indian market.


Benefit and purpose

The automobile sector is currently experiencing a turning point unprecedented in both scope and scale, not only because of enhanced environmental regulations but also from new entries from distinct industries and diversified mobility businesses. The two companies intend to achieve sustainable growth, by overcoming new challenges surrounding the automobile sector by building and deepening cooperative relationships in new fields while continuing to be competitors, in addition to strengthening the technologies and products in which each company specializes and their existing business foundations. Specifically, to take up challenges together in this transitional era, the two companies plan to establish and promote a long-term partnership between the two companies for promoting collaboration in new fields, including the field of autonomous driving.

The execution of the capital alliance agreement is a confirmation and expression of the outcome of sincere and careful discussions between the two companies, and it will serve for building and promoting their future partnership in new fields. As part of the latest agreement, Suzuki will also buy a token stake in Toyota. But even before the capital tie-up, the partnership was helping Toyota in India. This year, Suzuki agreed to supply Toyota with two compact vehicles for sale in India and to assign production of a Suzuki compact SUV to a Toyota plant in India. They also agreed that Toyota will promote hybrids in India by locally procuring components.

CBD, THC And Legality: Which States are Making It all Legal

The argument between those who think that cannabis should be decriminalized and legalized and those who think it should stay illegal is louder than ever. This argument has been going on for decades but in recent years the number of recreational pot smokers has massively increased which means the argument to decriminalize and legalize weed is louder than ever.

Both sides offer valid arguments, those who want it legalized believe that as it’s a fairly harmless drug the government shouldn’t decide if people are allowed to smoke it, people should be able to make that decision for themselves. Those who are fighting to keep it illegal highlight in response to this that it’s not a harmless drug as there are strong links between smoking pot and developing mental health problems. Another one of the main arguments for legalizing weed is that alcohol is legal as it tobacco.

If these two substances are legal and weed is less harmful than both of them then it seems only logical that weed should also be legalized, not only is it less harmful but also has some great medical properties. Those fighting to keep the drug illegal would claim that people do develop a dependence on the drug and by making it legal more people would end up in this position, in particular the youth. People feel very strongly about whether or not weed should be legalized and some states have already made the decision, to help you get a better understanding we’ll break it down into the two main components of the drug and what they are.


CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is an active ingredient in cannabis, the second most prevalent of all the ingredients. CBD is produced from hemp which in the plant kingdom is a cousin of marijuana. For people who wanted to feel the medical benefits of marijuana but didn’t want to feel high, CBD products have become a great alternative as they help to relieve pain just as effectively as marijuana. As CBD has become so popular there are more CBD products than ever on the market, there is CBD oil, CBD gummy sweets, and CBD vape oil amongst other things. CBD vape oil has become extremely popular among people trying to quit smoking cigarettes and smoking weed, however, there are some important things to know before you vape cbd oil, it won’t get you high the way weed does and it’s important to start at a low dosage and work up if necessary, don’t start with a high dosage.


THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and it is the main active ingredient in cannabis, it’s psychoactive and is the ingredient responsible for giving you that feeling of being high. It works by copying a natural chemical that is produced in the brain and is responsible for communication.

THC changes this process and that’s why when you’re high things like your concentration and your perception of time may be affected. Whilst THC gets a bad reputation amongst those fighting to keep weed illegal it actually has many great natural health benefits. There have been a variety of studies looking into the health effects of THC and some of the findings include that it can be used to help treat depression and anxiety, can help to ease PTSD symptoms, can help those with epilepsy, and can even help people who suffer from eating disorders to recover. If you don’t want to smoke weed but think THC could benefit you then you can also purchase THC syrups, oils, and edibles.

Which states have made it legal?

States either have the option of decriminalizing weed or legalizing it. If weed is decriminalized then the penalty associated with getting caught with weed is relaxed and legalization allows for individual possession but also allows production and sale of cannabis legally. There are 2 types of marijuana in the US: Medical marijuana and recreational, some states may have legalized medical marijuana but have not yet legalized it fully.

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana back in 1996, they were joined in the following years by Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Hawaii, and Washington. 20 years ago these were the only states that allowed medical marijuana but now all states bar 4 of them have legalized medical marijuana.

In 2012 Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational weed. Over the last 9 years Alaska, Arizona, California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, and Vermont have also seen the benefits of marijuana and legalized it recreationally too. So if you want to get used to medical marijuana most states now allow this, if you want to live in a state where you can smoke weed recreationally without getting into trouble then those great states are your options.

Why these Nations are Suddenly Increasing Military Spending

There has been a steady increase in military spending, and this rate continues to climb steadily. The five countries that spend the most on this are the United States, China, India, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Together, these countries made up around 60% of global military spending. In 2020, U.S. military funding increased by 5%, leading to a total cost of $732 billion dollars.


Funding and reasons for the increase

In 2020 China and India were, respectively, the second-and third-largest military spenders in the world. China’s military expenditure reached $261 billion in 2020, a 5.1% increase compared with 2018, while India’s grew by 6.8 percent to $71.1 billion. India’s tensions and rivalry with both Pakistan and China are among the major drivers for its increased military spending. In addition to China and India, Japan ($47.6 billion) and South Korea ($43.9 billion) were the largest military spenders in Asia and Oceania. Military expenditure in the region has risen every year since at least 1989. Germany’s military spending rose by 10% in 2019, to the total cost of $49.3 billion. This was the largest increase in spending among the top 15 military spenders in 2019.

Together, the top 15 countries spent a total of $1.553 trillion, 81 percent of global military spending. All but three countries in the top 15 had higher military expenditures in 2019 than in 2010, the exceptions being the U.S. (15 percent drop), the U.K. (15 percent drop), and Italy (11 percent drop). Much of this spending has been on special operation watches, equipment, and special forces vehicles. In other nations, particularly ones that are still developing economically, a focus on military spending often means foregoing other important priorities. Many nations have a standing military but an unreliable public infrastructure, from hospitals to roads to schools. North Korea is an extreme example of what an unrelenting focus on military spending can do to the standard of living for the general population.


What is funding spent on

The defense base budget of $636 billion funds 12 initiatives. First on the list are Nuclear Modernization ($29 billion) and Missile Defence ($20 billion). The new Space Program will cost $18 billion, while Cyberspace protection is budgeted at $10 billion. The Air Force will spend $57 billion, including $11 billion for 79 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and $739 million for five presidential helicopters.

The Navy will spend $32 billion and the Army receives $13 billion. The Defence Department will also spend $21 billion on munitions and $107 billion in new technology research. Additional funding goes to each department for readiness development. This includes $31 billion to the Army, $48 billion to the Navy, and $37 billion to the Air Force. Service members will receive a 3% pay raise and an increase in their housing allowance. Family members receive $8 billion for childcare, education, and professional development. The most money that is spent on the military goes towards Defence.

The broad range of potential missions means that the U.S. must keep its forces ready for anything from high-intensity state-on-state conflict to counterinsurgencies and police keep. At the face value, the military spending globally and by individual countries seem to be increasing, however, the claim falls flat if the same is viewed in the light of inflation and as a percentage of GDP. In the case of certain countries like India, the statement may hold ground, however, the same may not be entirely true as India is still making up its deficiencies of the past decade and largely replacing obsolete equipment. It is the variety and modernization of inventory that is eating up the major chunk of the defense expenditure, not to mention the salary and the pension bill.


Benefits of military spending

People who advocate setting up defense industries locally state that it will also be economically beneficial. The idea is that weapons manufacturing is also like any other business. This means that this business also generated employment and sales like any other business would. Hence, if the cost of manufacturing the weapons is removed from the sale price, the balance is economic value added by the defense industry. Also, proponents of these policies advocate defense spending because it is believed that even the expenditure undertaken on contractors is spent on procuring goods and services from the local economy.

Hence, that should also be considered while calculating value added to the economy. Peace is important to maintain fruitful trade relations in each region. However, this peace can only be achieved if military spending is done. Military spending builds military might. This power acts as a deterrent for aggressors. In the absence of military spending, opponents may view the nation as a soft target. Hence, even though local defense spending may be more expensive, it creates more value in the form of more robust national security and fewer disruptions to trade and commerce. If the defense system of a country is fully integrated, there are economic benefits to it.

The Unfortunate Rise of Dodgy Diet Companies

If you are someone that owns a social media account, I am sure that you have seen a number of new companies popping up with the promise of cutting your weight in half. If you are a woman that is reading this, then it is likely that you’ve even received a few messages starting with the dreaded ‘babe’, asking if you want to test some of the products. I would like to take the time to question this advertising technique, how do you suppose you will sell products if you are messaging women and basically telling them that they could drop a few pounds?

Though at first glance, these products seem like harmless fads that will quickly go away, they can actually be doing some serious damage to the health of the people who unfortunately fall for the advertising techniques. These diet pills and drinks can contain some seriously nasty ingredients, but why are they becoming so popular?


Celebrity endorsements

If there is something that celebrities love, it’s money. These dodgy diet companies often target sponsorships at C list celebrities that don’t look too much into the products that they are advertising. These companies will pay the celebrities to read a thirty second long script advertising their product, but more often than not, the celebrity will not check to see if the results that these companies are promising are even achievable.

Celebrities will often be easily drawn in by glamorous packaging or an exciting look, this is why you don’t see them advertising some of the best probiotics on the market that actually work because they don’t fit with their image.

Sometimes fans have complete trust in the promises of their favorite celebrities and don’t even think to question whether or not these diet companies work or if they’re good for you. However, if these celebrities were to take just a moment to google the ingredients, they would quickly learn that what they are advertising isn’t exactly good for the body.


What do these diet supplements include?

You may be surprised to hear that a lot of these diet supplements actually include a lot of healthy vitamins that are extremely beneficial for your body. However, these aren’t the ingredients that are added in order to help you lose weight. In fact, if they were left at just that, then there wouldn’t really be a problem with them. However, the ‘weight loss ingredients’ that they add are actually very detrimental to your health.

To be blunt, the main reason that some people do notice some short-term weight loss when taking these supplements is that they are glamorized laxatives. The reason that people feel as though they are losing weight, is because they are not taking in any of the food that they eat.

Laxatives are not something that should be ingested regularly and they can cause serious damage to the internal organs if used for a prolonged time. This is the main reason these diet companies are so bad because they are literally harming their user.

Now Weed is Legal, Where can you Buy it From?

The recent legalization of cannabis in the Canadian region has made significant changes to the way in which weed is produced and sold, now that this amazing drug can be regulated it is much safer to use as weed retailers have to adhere to certain specifications in order to ensure that they are distributing a safe to use the product to the public. Now that some time has passed since the legalization of weed we have seen more and more retailers open up their stores so that they can offer helpful advice to those who may not be as experienced with the drug.

When it comes to buying weed for the first time I would highly recommend that you visit a store in person so that you can speak to someone about the possibility of using weed for whatever you may want it for. If you are looking to weed as a form of treatment for pain or anxiety then going in person is definitely the right thing to do, as there are many options with particular strains and strengths that can have a different effect on the body. Seeking professional guidance allows you to talk through the different weed products that may be better suited to fit your personal needs.


In-Store Weed Retailers

Now that weed is legal it is so nice to see so many new businesses opening up to offer their professional guidance and advice for buying weed and finding a strain and strength that suits your needs, the marijuana community seems to be a very nice place to work in and invest in as it is something that is built upon helping people with their personal problems. For those of you that are looking to buy weed as a means to remedy a condition that you are suffering from then going to a store is a great place to discuss your options.

Within many weed retail stores, you will find at least one industry professional, it has become a legal requirement that those who work in the sale of this drug must have a medical professional who is licensed in the store at all times. This is why going in-store is the best option as you have the opportunity to speak with someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to using weed as a medical treatment.



If this is not your first time using weed then you may want to avoid the inconvenience of having to travel to your nearest dispensary, well don’t worry because now that weed is legal in Canada it is also legal to be bought online. Many of your favorite weed retailers have come out with an online platform where you can have your favorite strains delivered straight to your door. The convenience of this new process is what attracts many weed users to buy online, it is also a great option for those of you who are a little bit more private in what you do as you can discreetly get your weed without having to leave the house, which I’m sure you will agree is a truly great thing to have available.

The convenience of buying weed online is definitely one of the main selling points of the business however many people don’t know that if you buy online you could have access to more strains of weed and even personalized strains to suit your own requirements. It is a pretty new development that is still in its initial testing phase but many people in Canada say that they find buying online much easier than going to the store as they can be certain that their preferred strain will be in stock and available to buy rather than traveling only to find that they have run out.


How to Find the Best One For You

Especially if you are not the most experienced person with buying and using weed it can be hard to know how to find a quality retailer whether it be in-store or online. If you are a beginner I would highly recommend that you do some research and check out any customer reviews of the stores in your area to see who has the best reputation, one of the biggest disadvantages of buying marijuana at storefront locations is that although many of them are regulated you still find some dodgy businesses who try and undercut you with the quality of the product. This is definitely something you want to avoid as it can be potentially dangerous if you are smoking unknown substances.

One of the best ways to get a feel of whether you should trust a certain retailer would be to go in and speak to the staff which should give you a good idea of whether they know what they are talking about and can be trusted.

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