Reasons Behind Equality Became A US Foreign Policy Priority 

Human rights are the fundamental human rights and this is the policy which is established in the United States and is implemented for every human being on the planet. There are many rights included like right to live free from violence, slavery and discrimination. Also there are many women who are facing issues in getting […]

Why Trump’s Lawyer Is Fighting For Women Rights In Poland? 

Plenty of people in Poland are on the street if the Polish capital because of the women rights. The women over there aren’t getting their rights which are why the trump’s lawyer is with them and fighting for the women rights. As we saw that in most part of the world women are facing terrible issues because of […]

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How Much Can We Really Trust Online News Sources?

The internet has had many amazing impacts on our lives and has completely changed how society acts as a whole. It has provided many opportunities and has made things that were previously impossible possible. One of the greatest things that the internet has done has allowed people to communicate in real time all over the world, bringing many families closer together and allowing friends to keep in touch when living in different countries.

The expansion of the internet has led to things being prominent in our society that wouldn’t have made any sense prior to it, from the use of emojis to the fact you can deutsche Instagram follower kaufen. However, the internet has also had some negative impacts, it can be a dangerous place for younger people as social media can leave them vulnerable to things such as being stalked. Another major issue that has arisen due to the internet is the spread of fake news. This leads to the question of how much can we really trust online news sources, keep on reading to find out what we’ve dug up about online news.

  • How can I tell if an online news source should be trusted?

How can I tell if an online news source should be trusted

Whilst news articles online that can be trusted and can’t be trusted look the same on the surface and seem like it’ll be hard to differentiate between, we have found several things that can help you tell if what you’re reading is coming from a trusted news source or not. The first thing to look at when trying to distinguish if it should be trusted is the domain name, if the end has ‘edu’, ‘gov’ or ‘org’ then it is very likely that what you’re reading is from a reputable source.

If what your reading has a list of authors and it has proper citations you can see where the information is coming from and you can check this source too. You can also try and fact check the content yourself, if you know of any reputable sources you can see if what you’re reading agrees with these sources, if they are saying different things then you may want to do some further research to see if the source is reliable. Another major piece of advice is to be cautious with Wikipedia, whilst it has so much information and is widely used, anyone can become an author making it unreliable sometimes.

  • Why do I need to check that the source can be trusted?

If you’re getting information from a source that can’t be trusted then this is known as fake news. Fake news has caused many problems over the last decade and it continues to be a problem. It can lead to a whole variety of problems, for example, there is often fake news articles around your health including mainstream medical treatments and diseases, this information can lead to people making ill informed decision which actually risks their health.

Fake news has also been known to influence people’s decisions when it comes to things such as voting, if there is lots of fake media coverage it can lead to people voting a certain way, but based on claims that have no substance. In a democracy people should be able to vote based on the truth, people shouldn’t have to make decisions that are going to affect their future based on lies. To ensure that this right is protected it is vital to make sure you’re using trusted sources and you’re not sharing anything online without knowing it is true as this spreads fake news even further.

An Insight into How Your Surroundings Can Influence How You Feel

For people who suffer from anxiety, the surroundings you are in can have a direct effect on how you are feeling and if you are someone who finds busy locations stressful then you may want to think about how to avoid these areas at certain times to avoid causing you necessary stress. Anxiety is a very personal thing with many people having certain triggers in terms of what causes feelings of stress and discomfort, if you are not fully aware of said triggers then you may want to look at your regular surroundings to see if there is an issue.

This guide will look at how certain locations can influence your feelings and anxiety as well as some helpful tips to make your own personal spaces that will help you to feel at ease and relaxed after a long day. It is common for people with anxiety to feel overwhelmed to the point that they don’t know how to deal with these problems, but you should know that there is always a way that you can improve things, and leaving these issues to escalate is one of the worst things that you can do.

Anxiety in Public Spaces

One of the biggest causes of negative feelings of anxiety would have to be the surroundings that people are putting themselves in, of course with things like work it could be unavoidable for you but there are steps you can take to make things better and more comfortable for you. It is usually the case that large crowds of people in a busy location is one the biggest causes of stress for people so if this sounds like you I would highly recommend that you try visiting the place that is busy at off-peak times when fewer people are present.

Creating a Comforting Space in Your Own Home

One way that you can create an environment that makes you feel safe, happy, and content would be to work on your favorite part of your home and create a space where you can come to relax. This is a great way to combat feelings of anxiety and lower the effect they have on your life. If you do not already have a space like this in your home I would urge you to get started quickly as this will be a great help. You should look at furnishings and decor pieces that make you feel happy and set up an area where you can sit with your loved ones and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for new furniture for this space in your home then this high end designer furniture company could be just what you need to help you find some pieces that you love.

Lighting and Decor

As mentioned previously the decor you choose can help with things like anxiety and stress conditions, creating a safe home environment will have a big effect on your feelings and help you to wind down and relax at the end of the day. Lighting plays a big part in this so if you are not currently happy with your lighting situation then sourcing bright and colorful decorative lights could be a big improvement for you.

Favorite Places

If you are feeling stressed then a great way to switch off would be to think about some of your favorite places in the world to visit. It is often necessary to take a break and change your surroundings for at least a few days to give yourself the chance to catch your breath and really take some time for yourself. If you have been without a break of some sort for a while then this could be a big cause of stress for you and getting away could be just what you need.

What the 2021 Heatwaves Mean for the USA

The world is getting hotter. At one point in recent history, this idea was cried out as false. Nothing more than a hoax backed up by fake science. Many conspiracy theorists came up with lots of theories as to why people would lie about the world getting hotter. And of course, we can look to the key culprits of pollution to further find reasons this information was stifled. Profit

None of the main pollution-producing companies don’t want to admit to climate change because it would hurt their bottom line. But in recent years it has become harder to disprove climate change. To the point that now nearly the entire world is working to combat it.

But is it too little too late? Can we pull ourselves back from the brink? Today we want to look at exactly what the 2021 heatwaves mean for the USA. What does the future hold? How will our infrastructure change? Who is most likely to suffer?

Those Who Suffer

A heatwave might seem like a good idea in theory. A nice hot summer to enjoy the beach with. But a lot of people and animals just aren’t equipped to handle the heat. A good example of this is dogs. Unable to swear through normal means, it can be very difficult for dogs to cool themselves down. So they will require a lot of help to survive.  We recommend giving them cooling baths and taking extra water out on their walks. We also recommend you use cbd oil for dogs in their food to help them relax. Stress can cause dogs to heat up even more, so keeping them relaxed is vital.

Children are another group of people who are vulnerable to the ever-increasing heat. The human body can only cool itself down so much. And children’s bodies especially have to work harder to cool themself. So you will need to make sure your kids are able to stay in the shade as much as possible. Keep them well hydrated and maybe get them to have a cooling bath or shower when it gets too hot.

The Future

What will happen if the global temperature continues to rise? The first noticeable change will be the rising sea levels which will lead to increasing floods, something we are currently seeing a lot of in Europe. The number of wildfires will also increase as the heat dries out plant life and then ignites it.

We have already seen roads exploding in some countries due to the heat causing the pipelines or tarmac to expand and explode. If the temperature continues to rise a lot more technical issues will occur. Technology that needs cooling such as computers will soon start to fail as they fail to stay cool compared to the rising heat.

If it gets too hot we will see a sharp decrease in the number of crops produced globally. Plants need heat to thrive, but too much heat will make it impossible for anything to grow outside of artificial environments. With a sharp decrease in crops, we will also see lots more species of animals and insects go extinct. Entire eco-systems will start to collapse. This will be disastrous as without a lot of these ecosystems we will be unable to survive.


The good news is, it might not be too late at all. As long as we all put more pressure on the larger companies to cut back their carbon emissions and go green. If we do this, there might be hope for us yet.

CBD Myths and Facts: Our In Depth Look

The use of CBD has increased dramatically in the last few years. More and more people are becoming aware of the physical advantages associated with the consumption of CBD. As CBD has increased in popularity, the way in which it can be consumed has become much more diverse. Thanks to the diversity of products used to consume CBD, more people than ever are using it.  

Though the use of CBD is becoming much more acceptable, there are still a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to the product. This is mainly because there are certain regulations in place when it comes to the advertisement of CBD, which means that a lot of people simply haven’t had the opportunity to learn more about what CBD has to offer and what the effects are. Here is a look into the common CBD myths that many people continue to believe.  


Myth-CBD gets you high 

One of the biggest reasons that many people stay away from using CBD oil or cbd flower is because they believe it will get them high. This simply is not the case as CBD alone does not interact with your brain this way. In fact, you will not experience any feelings of being high at all unless there is THC involved. THC is the psychoactive part of a marijuana plant and without this, you will not feel any feeling of being high at all.  

For people who don’t really understand CBD, then being able to differentiate between CBD and THC may not be something that is very well known to you. This is fine, as it is not knowledge that is commonly spread throughout the world. It is important to remember that many places around the world that do not have weed legalized sell CBD products and if CBD did get you high, then they wouldn’t be able to sell it. 


Fact- CBD can help with anxiety  

Something that you may have noticed is that there has been an increase in people using more natural methods to deal with issues such as anxiety and depression. This is due to the nasty side effects that are associated with prescribed medications, such as weight gain and acne problems.  

Prescribed medications basically change how your brain and body operate, which many people want to avoid. When people stop taking prescribed medications, they also experience a lot of horrible withdrawal symptoms that have been compared to coming off an actual drug addiction. CBD does not have the same effects on your body as prescribed medication has, which means that if you want to stop taking it, you can freely stop whenever you want.  

Studies have shown that CBD significantly improves feelings of anxiety among users. Scientists have done studies where they test CBD on rats that are experiencing high-stress levels and PTSD.  Studies show that when exposed to continuous treatments of CBD, there were significant improvements to the behavior of the animals, as they acted far less stressed and were much more relaxed.  


Myth- You have to smoke CBD 

Another reason that people are so reluctant to use CBD is that they believe that they have to smoke it. Though you can buy CBD in flower form, you definitely are not under any obligation to have to smoke it.  

As previously stated, CBD comes in many forms which makes it the perfect option as it can fit into essentially any lifestyle. As well as being able to smoke CBD flower, you can also get CBD oils. CBD oils can be put into food and drink, which means that they can easily be integrated into any meal or drink that you enjoy.  

As well as being consumable orally, you can also apply CBD as a cream or as an ointment directly to the skin. This is very commonly done with people that are suffering from chronic pain, as it can be applied directly to the skin. People often feel a lot more comfortable using CBD this way as understandably many people are particular with what they put inside your body. For more effective use you can also get CBD capsules, that have fast working CBD within them. 

A Look at the Cities Cutting Back on Cars

Cars have become one of the most commonly used forms of transport, there are over a billion cars on the road and there are also millions of drivers worldwide. The 2 countries that have the most are the USA who has over 300 million cars on the road and China which is coming close to having 400 million cars on the road. Governments worldwide are trying to implement various schemes like the UK’s cycle to work scheme, that encourage people to use other means of transport to try and reduce the amount of carbon emission from cars. People are being encouraged to walk or cycle for shorter journeys and to take public transport as often as possible for longer journeys, as this is a great way to help save the planet.

If you’re concerned about the environment and you’re not sure how green your car is, then say for example you have a Volkswagen you can use the volkswagen VIN decoder to find out all the information about your car and can see how good or bad it is for the environment. People are aware that journeys take much longer walking or via public transport and that public transport is often unreliable, so, electric cars have been developed to fill this gap. They’re significantly better for the environment and still just as convenient as driving, however, they’re not very accessible at this moment in time as they’re expensive. Some cities are putting more effort in than others to try and cut back on cars, we’ve found the cities that are currently doing the most.


Oslo is the capital of Norway and it is a brilliant and vibrant city. Oslo has made many changes to various areas in the city in an attempt to promote cycling whilst making driving less appealing. At least 700 car park spaces in Oslo have been turned into different things like bike lanes or small parks. This gives cyclists more space and allows people to feel more confident cycling as they have their own lane and it makes it harder to park making people less likely to want to drive in these areas.


London is a very highly populated city, it is estimated that the population of London will grow by at least another 3000 over the next few years. If all of these new residents drove a car then it would be impossible to drive around London. The traffic in London is already terrible and the level of air pollution is one of the highest in Europe so the government is taking action. They plan to make half of the streets of London either fully free from cars or make them so that pedestrians have priority. This would include a 15 mph maximum speed and if there are any pedestrians walking on the road the cars must slow for them. If this is the case then it would take a long time to drive anywhere which would encourage people to instead use The Tube as it would be much quicker and more convenient.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and they are one of the cities that have done the most to help lower air pollution and reduce the number of cars on the road. Unless you are disabled or a resident of Madrid, you cannot drive any car other than an electric car. Even residents can only use cars that are not zero emission in their own neighborhood. This has been extremely successful as air pollution levels have already started to drop and we look forward to seeing what else Madrid will implement.

Why More States are Backing Improved Mental Health Support

After the last few months, it is now more important than ever to ensure that we are checking not only our own but our loved one’s mental health and states of mind on a regular basis. Months and months of isolation and uncertainty caused by the pandemic can have a huge effect on our mental health and without taking the necessary steps to seek help and support with this matter things may get a lot worse. It can be hard to talk about our feelings and matters of this nature but you will definitely feel better for doing so, and with the new services that are available you can take the time that you need safe in the knowledge that the help will still be there when you are ready to take it.  

As mental health support is in great need all over the country it is great to see our government putting into place new initiatives to provide us with the help and guidance that we need to ensure our mental health is in pique condition. With all that has happened in the last few months we have seen many more advertisements and advice services coming onto the scene, thanks to new government resources making all of this possible it seems that those who are offering the services are doing everything they can to make it clear to the general public that discreet and reliable advice and help when it comes to mental health is now readily available to help get you back into a more positive state of mind.  


What Can You Do to Subside Anxiety and Mental Health Problems?

Dealing with mental health problems and anxiety is a very personal thing and you definitely should avoid rushing into anything if you do not feel totally ready to do so. The great news is that thanks to the fact that so many states are now backing our new mental health schemes, now is the best time to seek help and try and get into a healthier mindset.  

If you would rather keep things private for the time being then why not try and help yourself by doing something that you enjoy to take your mind off of things that are causing your anxiety. Doing small things like the how old are you quiz which usually gives you hilarious results or listening to your favorite playlists may seem irrelevant, but anything that you can do to occupy your mind is going to be a very useful thing for someone suffering from mental health issues.  


Why Now?

It is said that after the pandemic and the mass self-isolation that had to take place to ensure our safety, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are suffering from issues with mental health. The official statistics show an approximate increase of thirty percent with more men coming forward also, which is a huge step in the preservation of male mental health up and down the country.  

With these staggering statistics, our government wouldn’t have been able to avoid things without offering extra support to those that need it due to a drop in their mental health. After everything that has been going on and the errors that occurred during the dealings of the pandemic it really is the least, they can do. One of the biggest causes of anxiety and mental health problems during the covid period would have to have been the uncertainty that was caused by the government’s lack of clarity with how they were going to handle the issues, it would be unfair to blame the government entirely but they also have to take some kind of responsibility in the form of effective mental health support.  


The Community Construction Project that Changed This Small Town

The town of Chorley has a small population of around ten thousand. Most of this population is made up of people below the age of 18, but for years there was very little in terms of entertainment for younger people. Within the last year, the people of Chorley have become a close-knit community that enjoys helping one and other, especially with tasks that can be completed with group involvement. 

Local Pride

Though the people of Chorley had contacted the local council on numerous occasions to complain about the lack of entertainment for young people, there was very little response. After years of trying, the community decided that they had to take their own steps in ensuring that the younger members of the community had a way to entertain themselves.  

Thanks to the generous land donations of a local business owner, the community was able to devise a plan. Their plan was to make an action park that caters to all of the younger members of the community, no matter their age. The community didn’t want to just cater this action park to the younger children and so made the decision to not only make a park but a skate park too. This idea also served as a solution to problems that they had been having with damage to public property that had accidentally occurred due to skaters and bikers having nowhere to practice.  

The community was more than happy to help to complete the ambitious project, with small businesses donating money and materials whenever they could. The town had big plans but knew that they had to keep it realistic. Their initial plan for the action park was to build swings, a climbing set, a sandpit, and some ramps for skating and biking. They figured that if the park was a success, they could eventually add more to the collection.  


The Ramps

The first part of the project that they worked on was the ramps. This would be the most ambitious part of the project due to the sheer size of the ramps that they had in mind. Though they had the plan to make the ramps metal, they simply did not have the budget to do so. Luckily for the people of Chorley, a company known as Bike UK heard about their ambitious project and were happy to donate two large ramps to the cause. This meant that the Chorley team could focus on something that they were more equipped to deal with, which was woodwork.  


Community Spirit

As the news about the project continued to spread throughout the town and more and more people wanted to get involved, even the children. Their help was welcomed as they were able to reach into tight corners that a lot of the construction workers were unable to.  Having the full involvement of the community meant that they were able to finish the project much faster than they had originally anticipated and at a fraction of the cost.  

To celebrate the completion of the project the town decided to host a large picnic on the land that they had constructed the action park on. Everyone was invited to the picnic and families were invited to bring their children to try out the new action park. Local skaters and bikers also came by to enjoy some food while shredding the ramp.  


It has been three months since the construction of the action park and every day it is flooded with dozens of children searching for entertainment. As for the future, there are plans of adding a roundabout to the already large collection of attractions.  

A Look at the Nations Trying to Decriminalize Drugs

For some time now there has been the debate of whether or not the use of drugs should be considered to be a criminal offense. Every country has experienced its very own ‘war on drugs and many seek to make the consumption of drugs a medical matter rather than a legal one.  

It is predicted that up to 40% of inmates worldwide are incarcerated due to drug-related charges, some of which being based around drugs are harmless as marijuana. Much like drinking and smoking, many people believe that what others put in their bodies should be up to them and it doesn’t make sense for the usage of drugs to be an illegal offense.  

It is also believed that the criminalization of drugs is one of the main reasons there are so many cases of drug-related crimes, as drug use has become an unmonitored underground operation. The fact that drug distribution can lead to so many criminal charges is another reason why the drugs that are on the streets are unregulated and even dangerous. Many people believe that it would be more beneficial to people who are addicted to drugs for drugs to be decriminalized, as this will make drug use much safer than it currently is in the shadows.  

Though not everyone agrees with drug use, it is hard to deny the benefits of decriminalizing drugs. The benefits are so vast that many nations are now on the mission to ensure that drugs are decriminalized. Here are some of the nations trying to decriminalize drugs.  


The Netherlands  

It would be wrong to write an article about the decriminalization of drugs without mentioning The Netherlands. The Netherlands has been at the forefront of drug decriminalization for some time now, with drugs like marijuana and shrooms being easily accessible. Though The Netherlands has always been open to the use of lower-rated drugs, they are now trying to decriminalize a more extensive list of drugs.  

The reasoning behind this is not to encourage people to pick up addictions. In fact, the main reasoning behind this new development is to try and support the nation medically. The Netherlands offers a fantastic health care service, but they realized that they were unable to support their people as much as they would like due to the stigma and rules surrounding drug usage. They hope that if there isn’t a criminal consequence to the drug use, people will be more open to gaining help for their addiction.  

There are currently test runs throughout the Netherlands for ‘drug safe spaces’. Within these buildings, people have access to clean equipment that they can use to take their drugs. They can also take their drugs within the building, where they can be monitored by trained medical professionals. These drug safe spaces have had some controversial responses as people believe this is only encouraging people to continue drug use. However, this is far from the case. The government is more than aware that they are not able to stop drug use, but they do believe that they are able to decrease the number of deaths associated with drug use due to dirty equipment and isolated usage.  


The US 

Though there are limits in the drugs that the US is willing to decriminalize, the US is still taking small steps in the right direction. As of right now, you can buy weed in many US states and even buy weed online to be delivered to your door. The main reason behind the decriminalization of marijuana within the US was the associated benefits that Marijuana has.  


Marijuana can be used to treat a number of medical ailments and mental issues and has very few side effects which make it safe to use. For years and years, there was an issue with gang violence in relation to the sale and consumption of marijuana. It felt silly to have such a problem with a harmless drug when it could be sold under moderation.  Since the introduction of marijuana vendors, there have been far fewer inmates being incarcerated on drug charges. Though this is extremely positive, many demand justice for those currently serving time in US prisons for marijuana-based charges.  



Australia is known for its laid-back attitude and openness to new ideas. Australia listened to its people and has now started making moves into the legalization of drugs. Though there is nothing currently in place, Australia plans on starting with the legalization of marijuana and working its way up from there. The legislative process will take some time, but they hope to be able to break down the stigma surrounding drugs and provide more accessible medical care to its citizens. They also plan on reviewing the charges on those serving time for marijuana-based crimes, but there is no confirmation on their exact plan of attack.  

Consumer Watchdog: The Companies Battling for Consumer Rights

Consumerism is a popular economic ideology that encourages people to spend money and to consume more goods and products. People always purchase the basic things that they need, like food and clothes but consumerism encourages people to make purchases beyond this, purchases that are in excess of basic necessities. In our current society consumerism is promoted in many ways, consumers are always seeing advertisements for various goods and services, this is the most effective way of increasing how much a person spends as these adverts make consumers want to purchase more. Many companies also have product giveaways and competitions to encourage people to buy more, this often works as people are more likely to purchase something knowing that there is a chance of winning something else too. There are also often sales and discounts of goods and services, there are plenty of websites online like top1promocodes.com which help consumers to make some great savings, and often these savings will help to encourage consumers to purchase more. Consumers are often put at risk and this led to the consumer rights act which is an attempt to help protect consumers and the organization Consumer Watchdog was created in 1985, is a non-profit organization that aims to help protect all consumers.  

What rights do consumers have?

Consumerism is extremely important in society so it became important for legislation to be passed to protect consumers. If consumers didn’t have protection, then this would deter them from wanting to purchase things, to keep consumerism up there needed to be safeguarded. Consumers have many rights and protect them against various things such as quality of products. The most important rights that a consumer has is that all products must be fit for purpose, should be as described and of good quality when received, if any products do not meet all 3 criteria, then consumers are protected. Another important consumer right is the right to request a refund. If your product didn’t meet all 3 criteria then you have a claim, but you can request a refund for up to 28 days after, even if it’s just because you’ve changed your mind. As more time passes by, eg, after 6 months, the consumer has fewer rights so if you have any issues make sure you sort them out as soon as you can.  

Who is Consumer Watchdog?

Consumer Watchdog was founded by Rosenfield in 1985 after spending a lot of time lobbying for many consumer issues. The company was founded in California and it has its headquarters in Santa Monica. The company advocates for consumers and taxpayers, they focus on many important areas including insurance, health care, and privacy issues. The company is a very progressive one and since it was founded it has managed to make a lot of changes, for example, they managed to cause a health care reform and a political reform. They’re a highly celebrated company for the work that they have done, they were even awarded the Rage for Justice Award. Some of the great battles that they have won include forcing regulations on prescriptions so that American citizens aren’t being overcharged for medicine that they need and they also helped to prevent hospitals from being allowed to force mothers to leave 8 hours after giving birth. They also played a huge part in making online financial privacy even more secure, financial services have been able to give your personal data to other companies, the big reform was that consumers now have to opt-in to allow financial services to do this.  

How New Data Protection Laws are Affecting Businesses

Data protection laws are always being updated with more legislation being passed around them fairly oftenThey’re always being updated as technology is always developing further and being used for more things, meaning there need to be more laws regulating this. As technology evolved and became more important in society, people began inputting much more of their personal data into websites meaning that the companies behind these websites were given more responsibilities to ensure that their customers’ data is being protected. Some of the things that are protected under these laws include personal details of customers like their address but also things like employee records and any data collection. This data needs to be protected as if it’s not that it’s vulnerable to being used for phishing, fraud, or identity theft. If you own a business, it’s important that you don’t underestimate the importance of these laws and instead, you make sure that you’re not breaching any of them. There have been many high-profile data scandals from Enron to Cambridge Analytica, the one thing in common is that the punishment for breaching these laws is harsh. It ranges from heavy fines up to $500,000 which would destroy your business or could even land you in prison. Like any change in the external environment, these new laws are affecting many businesses, keep reading to find out how. 

What are data protection laws?

Like other laws, the Data Protection Act is a whole set of rules and regulations in regard to how to store and use data. This act is vital for ensuring protection for customers and clients and it helps people to feel safe on the internet. Some of the main principles that make up this act include making sure businesses only use data in the way that they specifically stated that they would, don’t keep the data stored on their servers for longer than is necessary, keep data safe from third parties, and only use it within confines of the law. In addition to this, as children are much more vulnerable than adults there are additional rules in place called The Children’s Code. This is one of the newer laws around data protection, it’s used in relation to apps and online games that children are likely to access. 01

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for general data protection regulations and you need to be aware of these if you own or run a business. GDPR gives individuals 8 basic rights including the right to access any personal data a business may have saved from them, the right to be forgotten, for example, if they withdraw their consent, and the right to be informed and to object. This means that if any data is gathered on them, they must be told and given the option of whether to accept or object to this. 


How are these laws affect businesses?

Businesses have had to make any changes to ensure that they’re not breaching any data protection laws. One thing that used to be a common business technique is that businesses would use something called annuity leads. This is when businesses would buy a list of specific people i.e. they might buy a list of people who earn over $200,000 and try to set up sales appointments with these people to get them to invest in their business. Usually, a business will buy several lists and once they’ve made all the sales they can from the lists they’ve bought they’ll buy more so they can keep setting up sales appointments. With these new data protection laws, it is much more difficult for people to buy annuity leads as it’s part of the data protection act that you can’t sell on people’s personal data.  

Examples of breaches to the Data Protection Act

As previously mentioned, the Cambridge Analytica scandal was the biggest data breach of all time as they obtained information from over 87 million Facebook profiles. They were found guilty in court and given a heavy fine. Other companies that are suffering fines from data breaches include British Airways who were fined $200,000 and Marriott International are going to be fined around $99 million, so if you have a business this should highlight how important it is to not breach the data regulations.  

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