8 Big Issues Faced By Modern Women!! 

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Women are involved in every part of the community, but some situations impact and affect women more than other matters. From voting power to reproductive rights to women’s pay gap, women do not get their fair share in every aspect because the male community runs most countries. Moreover, the male community’s countries keep women from working shoulder to shoulder and receiving the share they deserve in society.  

Despite plenty of new laws and increased awareness among the community, the government can still not maintain a proper balance in gender equality. Though a lot of progress has been made throughout the decade, women are getting equal rights in the workplace and education. However, they are still facing several major issues required to tackle with proper law, rights, and facilities for women. Without further ado, let us look at the 8 significant issues that the modern world’s women are facing.  

  • Gender Bias And Sexism  

For over a decade, women are struggling to break the barriers that gender equality brings, especially in workforce areas, though excellent progress has been made over the past years. Today, it is common for women to run businesses, even the biggest organizations, or hold an upper-rank title in a management job.  

Moreover, millions of women have jobs in male-dominated industries. Despite all the progress made throughout the past years, sexism can still be found in all parts of society, from the media and politics to education and the workforce. Recent studies have shown that women face physical and/or sexual violence from their partner or non-intimate partner at the workplace. Moreover, women reporting such violence are suffering from depressions and other mental health issues, which keep them from moving forward in their lives.  

  • Women Voting Power 

The best part about women is they do not take voting rights lightly, and it is surprisingly seen that more women have voted in the past elections than men in the past elections. Moreover, voter attendance is a big deal at the time of elections, and women are likely to have better attendance than men during elections. This is a real sense of ethnicities, and all age groups are taking an active part in midterm elections and presidential election years. For the past few decades, women are taking active participation in elections, and empowering women will benefit society better.  

  • Powerful Positions For Women  

The united states have not elected any women to be in the presidency position yet, but the government members are filled with women holding higher positions of power. These days, more women are being elected for higher positions due to women’s empowerment but because they can run the state and make it a better place for every human being. Though, In some states, women are still not given equal rights to vote or stand for the potential candidate’s position. It is more likely to happen in developing countries, where 95% of the countries are male-dominated, and women are given less priority.  

  • Reproductive Rights Debate  

The main fundamental difference between women and men is that women can give birth. And it is one of the biggest issues that women are facing today. Moreover, the debate on reproductive rights revolves around abortion and birth control. Though ‘the pill” was approved for contraceptives in 1960, this gives rise to bigger issues in reproductive rights.  

Nowadays, the abortion rate is on the rise, and in most developing countries, there is a need for family planning education is required because they have a major contribution to the abortion rate. With every new supreme court nominee and president, this topic does not get much attention. Indeed, it is a controversial topic worldwide, and not to mention it is one of the hardest decisions that every woman has to face.  

  • Reality Of Teen Pregnancy  

Teen pregnancy is also among the issues that women face today. In the past, young women were often be placed or shunned in hiding and forced to give up their babies. However, teen pregnancy rates have been declining every year as more and more young women become aware of birth control through abstinence education. Thus, as most teen mothers know that an unexpected pregnancy can alter your life, so it is an essential topic for the future.  

  • Domestic Abuse  

Domestic abuse is among the top concerns for women, but this factor also affects men. Recent studies stated that over 902000 men and 1.5 million women are physically assaulted by their intimate or non-intimate partner every year. Violence and abuse do not have one form; either it will be psychological, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, and it continues to grow every day. Moreover, anyone can suffer from domestic violence. Thus the victim needs to ask for help. It is because there are a lot of myths that are surrounding this problem, and one incident can result in an endless cycle of abuse.  

  • The Betrayal Of Intimate Partners  

When it comes to maintaining a healthy bond or personal relationship, cheating and betrayal from intimate partners concern a lot of women; though, it is often not discussed outside a group of close friends or the home. However, people thought that betrayal is always associated with men behaving badly, but it is not always true because there are many women who cheat as well.  

Some many women and men point to an emotional disconnection between them and their intimate partner due to root cause. Moreover, a partner who had sex with another person breaks the foundation of trust built in an intimate relationship. Whether the real cause, it is devastating to know that your partner, wife, or husband has an affair.   

  • Female Genital Mutilation  

Female genital mutilation has become a great concern for many people worldwide. The united states consider cutting the genital organs of women as a violation of human rights. Nowadays, it is still practiced in a number of cultures over the world because it is a tradition with religious ties to prepare a woman (younger) for marriage.  

These are the top 8 big issues faced by women today, and addressing them properly will reduce these issues.