A Look at the Cities Cutting Back on Cars

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Cars have become one of the most commonly used forms of transport, there are over a billion cars on the road and there are also millions of drivers worldwide. The 2 countries that have the most are the USA who has over 300 million cars on the road and China which is coming close to having 400 million cars on the road. Governments worldwide are trying to implement various schemes like the UK’s cycle to work scheme, that encourage people to use other means of transport to try and reduce the amount of carbon emission from cars. People are being encouraged to walk or cycle for shorter journeys and to take public transport as often as possible for longer journeys, as this is a great way to help save the planet.

If you’re concerned about the environment and you’re not sure how green your car is, then say for example you have a Volkswagen you can use the volkswagen VIN decoder to find out all the information about your car and can see how good or bad it is for the environment. People are aware that journeys take much longer walking or via public transport and that public transport is often unreliable, so, electric cars have been developed to fill this gap. They’re significantly better for the environment and still just as convenient as driving, however, they’re not very accessible at this moment in time as they’re expensive. Some cities are putting more effort in than others to try and cut back on cars, we’ve found the cities that are currently doing the most.


Oslo is the capital of Norway and it is a brilliant and vibrant city. Oslo has made many changes to various areas in the city in an attempt to promote cycling whilst making driving less appealing. At least 700 car park spaces in Oslo have been turned into different things like bike lanes or small parks. This gives cyclists more space and allows people to feel more confident cycling as they have their own lane and it makes it harder to park making people less likely to want to drive in these areas.


London is a very highly populated city, it is estimated that the population of London will grow by at least another 3000 over the next few years. If all of these new residents drove a car then it would be impossible to drive around London. The traffic in London is already terrible and the level of air pollution is one of the highest in Europe so the government is taking action. They plan to make half of the streets of London either fully free from cars or make them so that pedestrians have priority. This would include a 15 mph maximum speed and if there are any pedestrians walking on the road the cars must slow for them. If this is the case then it would take a long time to drive anywhere which would encourage people to instead use The Tube as it would be much quicker and more convenient.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and they are one of the cities that have done the most to help lower air pollution and reduce the number of cars on the road. Unless you are disabled or a resident of Madrid, you cannot drive any car other than an electric car. Even residents can only use cars that are not zero emission in their own neighborhood. This has been extremely successful as air pollution levels have already started to drop and we look forward to seeing what else Madrid will implement.