Afghan Peace Talks- Information About Women Rights At The Forefront 

Rights Women

Women are facing issues everywhere in the world because of their rights and thus over here you will come to know about how they were concerned about their rights at the forefront of afghan. In the Afghan women have no access to their rights like right to an education, right to travel right to work freely, and much more. It is the number one reason that why women over there are facing loads of trouble or issues. 

There are not much women in the favor of others because they are afraid of god knows who. Every women should get their rights without any problems because they are worthy of it. If we talk about constitution then it is different for all the countries and in that the rights for women is written down. They should be taught them in a very special manner so that they can come to know about what is right and what wrong happening in their life is 

It is not an easy task to live a life without rights as they cannot get access to education, or they cannot travel freely anywhere they want, etc. All of these issues can be resolved only if all the women and men come together for the support of women rights. A single women cannot gain much response as compared to the unity. 

Girl born child was like burden  

In the afghan talks many women have claimed that their girl child have left outside in the sun right after the birth because husband cannot bear the pain of not getting a boy as their child. This is the thinking which is ruining the life of a woman and every woman must stand together. They should get all the rights including right to education because without education the upcoming generation will never come to know about what is happening in the society. 

Education is the most essential part of life and every girl should get access to the education. Simply getting admission in the school is not enough as they should be allowed to attend the classes or lectures as that is the thing which matters a lot. As per the reports most of the girls haven’t attended the school in the complete year.  

Every woman must demand their rights 

If there are no rights for the women in afghan then they must demand it from the government because they are the only one responsible. There are many kind of rights should be there for a woman and all of them are important for their health and modern lifestyle. They should be taught the information related to good drinking water and sanitization because without these two things their health might be in danger. 

They should be treated right by every citizen living over there which is why the top 4 powerful women had a conversation regarding the rights and how they are being treated. Women shouldn’t be considered as different from the men community as there should be equality among them. It can only be possible with the help of right to equality before law for women. 

They tried harder 

The women in afghan tried much harder to fight for their rights as a woman stood in the election but lose ultimately. That thing helped other women in motivation as most of them started to fight for their rights. It helped many of them to get what they want like education, right to work, travel freely, and much more. 

If we talk about the basics of women rights then they are almost alike to the men’s rights. The only difference is that there are some extra for women regarding their health and security. It is important for their healthy well-being and longer life. As we know that there are many causes because of which women dies the most and it happens because of the lack in education. 

How education is helpful? 

There are many ways in which education is helpful like number one is it helps in teaching them the causes of death of unhealthy lifestyle which they should be aware of. It happens because of the not allowing the girls to go to school so this is the main reason behind uneducated girls. It can be changed easily but only women are willing to study in their life. 

If they aren’t then no one can make them educated and thus they won’t come to know about their rights and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Also rather than not getting access to the education they are also being discriminated on the basis of their community, sex, region, and much more which makes them to feel inferior as compared to the other people.  

Right is the key to healthy living 

If women are not getting their deserving rights then they might face tons of issues on their life like discrimination will become a constant part of their life. In order to eliminate that right to equality is important to be there in the lives of women. In this way the women will be treated in a very right way with respect. 

The main aim of this right is to not to discriminate women on the basis of their gender as they should be treated right and equal to the men. Also no one can decline this right of women and if anyone does then strict actions will be take against that person.  

Bottom lines 

Women rights are essential for their living which is why it was essential to discuss about the rights above. Also by this most of the women will come to know what kind of rights are there and their importance. So in this way women can come to achieve what they want in their life without any trouble at all. Also if we talk about the afghan then situation over there can be improved in no time if all the women come together and fight together for their rights.