Are Dan And Phil Still On Bbc Radio 1?

Are Dan And Phil Still On Bbc Radio 1?


From 2013 to 2014, Dan and Phil (previously known as The Radio 1 Request Show) was a British radio show on BBC Radio 1. This show was loosely based on Dan and Phil’s now-discontinued internet series, The Super Amazing Project, which featured segments such as Internet News.

Where Did Dan And Phil Go?

The two met on the Internet in 2009 and in person in October of that year. After living together in Manchester for a year, they moved to London in July 2012.

Does Dan Howell Still Live With Phil?

While both Phil Lester and Dan Howell were still coming to terms with their identities online, they have lived together since 2011.

Did Dan And Phil Buy A House?

Viewers got a life update as well as the tea on the break: Dan and Phil have bought a house. 2017 was the year they actually purchased it. Their London apartment is being packed up, and they’re designing everything for their newly built home.

Where Do Dan And Phil Live Now?

Their home is currently located in London, where they live with their two children. Phil was discovered on YouTube by Dan, who had already established himself as a creator there. Dan had not yet started his own channel when Phil became a popular YouTuber shortly after the platform was conceived in 2006.

Do Dan And Phil Still Have A Radio Show?

Dan Howell (left) and Phil Lester (right), presenters of the show, at VidCon 2014

Other names

The Dan and Phil Show The Radio 1 Request Show with Dan and Phil

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Audio format

Stereophonic sound

Who Was Fired From Radio 1?

Nick Grimshaw, the host of BBC Radio 1’s drivetime show, is leaving the station after 14 years. A new drivetime show will be co-hosted by Vick Hope and Jordan North.

Is Dan And Phil A Thing?

Neither YouTuber is dating the other. Social media users have speculated that they are. Dan is often referred to as Phil Lester’s boyfriend by his friends. Neither Dan nor Phil have made their dating lives public.

Does Dan And Phil Still Live Together 2020?

It is unlikely that the pair, who have been living together since August 2011, are not still living together. Dan and Phil haven’t posted to each other’s social media accounts since December, but Dan expressed a lot of love for Phil in his coming out video.

Was Dan And Phil In A Relationship?

Phil and Dan are they t Dan dating? – Quora. I don’t know. The couple dated at some point, and although Dan described their current relationship as “real best friends, companions through life, and actual soulmates,” he did not say they were still together officially.

Are Dan And Phil Buying A House?

Dan and Phil are seen in cute sweaters announcing that they have bought a house in their new video. The best internet duo amassed over 40,000 views in just a few hours.

Do Dan And Phil Live Together Still?

Dan Howell returned to Twitter on June 19th with a photo of him and longtime friend, Phil Lester, as they announced their latest move into homeownership. While both Phil Lester and Dan Howell were still coming to terms with their identities online, they have lived together since 2011.

What Happened To Phil And Dan?

Dan and Phil, what happened to them?? They have been posting on their YouTube channels on a regular basis since they started. Dan Howell stopped uploading one day. He posted a coming out video after one year of being inactive, but he has not been seen on YouTube since then.

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