Consumer Watchdog: The Companies Battling for Consumer Rights

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Consumerism is a popular economic ideology that encourages people to spend money and to consume more goods and products. People always purchase the basic things that they need, like food and clothes but consumerism encourages people to make purchases beyond this, purchases that are in excess of basic necessities. In our current society consumerism is promoted in many ways, consumers are always seeing advertisements for various goods and services, this is the most effective way of increasing how much a person spends as these adverts make consumers want to purchase more. Many companies also have product giveaways and competitions to encourage people to buy more, this often works as people are more likely to purchase something knowing that there is a chance of winning something else too. There are also often sales and discounts of goods and services, there are plenty of websites online like which help consumers to make some great savings, and often these savings will help to encourage consumers to purchase more. Consumers are often put at risk and this led to the consumer rights act which is an attempt to help protect consumers and the organization Consumer Watchdog was created in 1985, is a non-profit organization that aims to help protect all consumers.  

What rights do consumers have?

Consumerism is extremely important in society so it became important for legislation to be passed to protect consumers. If consumers didn’t have protection, then this would deter them from wanting to purchase things, to keep consumerism up there needed to be safeguarded. Consumers have many rights and protect them against various things such as quality of products. The most important rights that a consumer has is that all products must be fit for purpose, should be as described and of good quality when received, if any products do not meet all 3 criteria, then consumers are protected. Another important consumer right is the right to request a refund. If your product didn’t meet all 3 criteria then you have a claim, but you can request a refund for up to 28 days after, even if it’s just because you’ve changed your mind. As more time passes by, eg, after 6 months, the consumer has fewer rights so if you have any issues make sure you sort them out as soon as you can.  

Who is Consumer Watchdog?

Consumer Watchdog was founded by Rosenfield in 1985 after spending a lot of time lobbying for many consumer issues. The company was founded in California and it has its headquarters in Santa Monica. The company advocates for consumers and taxpayers, they focus on many important areas including insurance, health care, and privacy issues. The company is a very progressive one and since it was founded it has managed to make a lot of changes, for example, they managed to cause a health care reform and a political reform. They’re a highly celebrated company for the work that they have done, they were even awarded the Rage for Justice Award. Some of the great battles that they have won include forcing regulations on prescriptions so that American citizens aren’t being overcharged for medicine that they need and they also helped to prevent hospitals from being allowed to force mothers to leave 8 hours after giving birth. They also played a huge part in making online financial privacy even more secure, financial services have been able to give your personal data to other companies, the big reform was that consumers now have to opt-in to allow financial services to do this.