Has Bbc Lost The Football League Show?

Has Bbc Lost The Football League Show?


As of August 2015, the BBC lost the rights to the Football League to Channel 5, with Channel 5 offering the same amount it had paid for the previous three years, but promising to show highlights at 9 pm rather than after Match of the Day, which had been the traditional time for the broadcast

When Did Itv Lose The Champions League?

The 2015 UEFA Champions League Final will be broadcast live on ITV on 6 June after 23 seasons of live coverage. The live coverage will continue to be broadcast on BT Sport, however.

What Time Is Football League Show On?

Quest broadcasts EFL highlights every Saturday at 9pm and Wednesday at 10pm. We play mid-week games at 30pm.

How Many Episodes Of Match Of The Day Are There?

Match of the Day

No. of series


No. of episodes

Over 5,000



Colm Harty

Why Is Match Of The Day On So Late?

Is it because you don’t show Match of the Day on a Sunday?? As part of our contract with the Premier League, the repeat must be off-air before 10 a.m. BBC One does not have a later slot at 30am, so we cannot do a later show.

Where Can I Watch Match Of The Day Catch Up?

  • Match of the Day is available from midnight to early Sunday morning (midnight to midnight Saturday/midnight Sunday).
  • The Sunday editions of MOTD2 are available on BBC iPlayer from midnight that night (midnight Sunday/ early Monday).
  • How Do You Watch Match Of The Day After It’s Been On?

    You can watch Match of the Day and Match of the Day 2 live on BBC iPlayer. As of midnight on the day of broadcast, it will be available on iPlayer.

    Is Match Of The Day Pre Recorded?

    The most common question I get is, “What time do you record Match of the Day?”. As we read in BBC Sport, it is (almost) live. A few times I have participated in a MOTD that has been pre-recorded.

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