How Do You Make Bbc News Your Homepage?

How Do You Make Bbc News Your Homepage?


You can choose from the tabs marked ‘General’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Options’ or ‘Internet Options’ (depending on your browser). There may be a button marked ‘Use current page’ or ‘Use current’ next to it. You will need to click OK if this is the case. As soon as you visit the page you were visiting, it should be saved as your homepage.

How Do I Set Bbc News As My Homepage?

You can make BBC News Online’s homepage (the first page you see when you launch your browser) by following the instructions for the relevant browsers. You can set your home by clicking on Navigation in the main menu bar.

What Has Happened To Bbc Homepage?

There are two versions of the BBC website: one for UK audiences and one for international audiences. Our goal is to provide world-class online services to everyone by changing this. By moving to, we will be able to streamline our online operations, which will result in more efficient service.

How Do I Set Chrome As My Homepage On Bbc?

Click on the picture of a spanner next to your navigation bar (on the top right hand side) and choose “Options.” from the drop-down menu. When you select the “Basics” tab, you can type in your homepage URL and select other options.

Why Can’t I Customise My Bbc Homepage?

This feature has been disabled due to a technical issue. It is important for us to provide an experience that focuses on your personal interests, and we are working towards improving it in the future.

How Do I Get Local News On Bbc App?

Changing your location is as simple as going to Settings and selecting Change Location on our BBC iPlayer TV app. If you are using our BBC iPlayer app for mobiles or tablets, you can change your location by going to Settings and selecting Change Location from the menu bar.

Has The Bbc News App Changed?

Compared to the previous version (left), the new BBC App (right) looks more modern and attractive. Using white space and large images makes the app feel more organized and user-friendly.

Is It Bbc Or The Bbc?

Logo used since 20 October 2021


Statutory corporation with a royal charter


British Broadcasting Company


18 October 1922 (as British Broadcasting Company) 1 January 1927 (as British Broadcasting Corporation)


HM Government

Can I Have The Bbc News App?

For Android devices, you can download the BBC News app from Google Play. The app offers: Stories that are available and updated as they happen, as well as news alerts that are sent right away. You can choose thousands of topics in a personalized feed, so you get the news that matters most to you each day.

What Is Bbc Com Used For?

The BBC Online service, formerly known as BBCi, is a large network of websites, including BBC News and Sport, BBC iPlayer, CBBC and CBBC, which are co-branded with BBC iPlayer.

How Do I Change My Default Homepage In Chrome?

  • You can change your browser’s settings by clicking the Settings button in the top right corner.
  • You will find the Settings option labeled Appearance under the Show Home button.
  • The homepage will be changed if you click Change.
  • How Do I Get My Homepage Back To Normal?

  • The Tools menu can be found at the top of your browser.
  • You will then be able to select Internet Options.
  • The General tab is where you can find information.
  • You can enter under “Home page.”.
  • Click OK.
  • Your browser should now be restarted.
  • How Do I Customise Bbc Home Page?

    What are the steps for customizing homepage? You can add or remove topics such as news, sports, and entertainment by clicking the ‘Customise your homepage’ link located near the top. You can remove or tick the topics you would like to receive.

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