How Much Can We Really Trust Online News Sources?

How Much Can We Really Trust Online News Sources?

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The internet has had many amazing impacts on our lives and has completely changed how society acts as a whole. It has provided many opportunities and has made things that were previously impossible possible. One of the greatest things that the internet has done has allowed people to communicate in real time all over the world, bringing many families closer together and allowing friends to keep in touch when living in different countries.

The expansion of the internet has led to things being prominent in our society that wouldn’t have made any sense prior to it, from the use of emojis to the fact you can deutsche Instagram follower kaufen. However, the internet has also had some negative impacts, it can be a dangerous place for younger people as social media can leave them vulnerable to things such as being stalked. Another major issue that has arisen due to the internet is the spread of fake news. This leads to the question of how much can we really trust online news sources, keep on reading to find out what we’ve dug up about online news.

  • How can I tell if an online news source should be trusted?

How can I tell if an online news source should be trusted

Whilst news articles online that can be trusted and can’t be trusted look the same on the surface and seem like it’ll be hard to differentiate between, we have found several things that can help you tell if what you’re reading is coming from a trusted news source or not. The first thing to look at when trying to distinguish if it should be trusted is the domain name, if the end has ‘edu’, ‘gov’ or ‘org’ then it is very likely that what you’re reading is from a reputable source.

If what your reading has a list of authors and it has proper citations you can see where the information is coming from and you can check this source too. You can also try and fact check the content yourself, if you know of any reputable sources you can see if what you’re reading agrees with these sources, if they are saying different things then you may want to do some further research to see if the source is reliable. Another major piece of advice is to be cautious with Wikipedia, whilst it has so much information and is widely used, anyone can become an author making it unreliable sometimes.

  • Why do I need to check that the source can be trusted?

If you’re getting information from a source that can’t be trusted then this is known as fake news. Fake news has caused many problems over the last decade and it continues to be a problem. It can lead to a whole variety of problems, for example, there is often fake news articles around your health including mainstream medical treatments and diseases, this information can lead to people making ill informed decision which actually risks their health.

Fake news has also been known to influence people’s decisions when it comes to things such as voting, if there is lots of fake media coverage it can lead to people voting a certain way, but based on claims that have no substance. In a democracy people should be able to vote based on the truth, people shouldn’t have to make decisions that are going to affect their future based on lies. To ensure that this right is protected it is vital to make sure you’re using trusted sources and you’re not sharing anything online without knowing it is true as this spreads fake news even further.