How To Study Current Affairs For Competitive Exams?

How To Study Current Affairs For Competitive Exams?


Quizzes on current affairs are another way to keep up with current events. Quizzes can be taken to assess learning and improve retention of reading material. It is definitely going to be more convenient to store the information in the memory if you take the same quiz multiple times.

How Can I Learn Current Affairs For Competitive Exams?

  • Daily practice with 50 MCQs on current affairs.
  • Practice 100 MCQs every day when the exam is closer.
  • Which Is Best For Current Affairs For Competitive Exams?

  • What is the Best Current Affairs Book?…
  • A Manorama Yearbook.
  • Arihant Experts present the current affairs of the day.
  • Publications Division of the Government of India, India Yearbook.
  • Here is Kiran’s current affairs.
  • Current Affairs in Quarterly Review…
  • The Quick Reference Guide to Current Affairs…
  • Current Affairs MCQs based on 500 questions.
  • How Can I Study Gk And Current Affairs For Competitive Exams?

  • A description of physical geography.
  • The Indian and world geography.
  • History of India and the world.
  • Organizations that are international.
  • Science in everyday life.
  • The awards and honors for the year.
  • The Indian economy is one of the most important in the world.
  • A political scientist from India.
  • Which Source Is Best For Current Affairs?

    You can cover current affairs by reading the daily newspaper and following credible sources such as Press Information Bureau (PIB) and Yojana Magazine. A good understanding of Current Affairs is essential for success in the IAS, Government, or competitive exams.

    How Can I Learn More About Current Affairs?

    You can listen to news podcasts on your computer. Each day’s events are summarized in 15-30 minute segments on news podcasts. subscribe to a news podcast if you want the latest headlines without having to search for them constantly.

    Which Is The Best For Current Affairs?

  • There are many newspapers in India, including The Hindu, The Indian Express, etc.
  • Current Affairs Magazine – Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services Times, Yojana, Niti Aayog reports, Economic and Political Weekly (for some topics only), World Focus year-end issue, etc.
  • Which Publication Is Best For Competitive Exams?

  • Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic.
  • S P Bakshi (Arihant) provides a general English lesson.
  • M K Pandey’s analytical reasoning.
  • A Manorama Yearbook.
  • A list of NCERT books.
  • R S Aggarwal, Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (R S Aggarwal).
  • A magical book on quick math.
  • H M Prasad’s objective English for competitive examinations.
  • Which News App Is Best For Competitive Exams?

  • The Daily Hunt, formerly known as News Hunt, is one of the best news apps in India….
  • There is a hyperlocal news app called Way2News, which provides news in 70 words or more in eight languages.
  • In the Hindu, the following is said…
  • AIR: …
  • The Financial Express:…
  • The Unacademy:…
  • The word “vedeantu” is derived from the word “vedeantu”.
  • Gradeup:
  • Which Is The Best Site For Competitive Exams?

  • “Simplify Test Prep” is the motto of, an E-Learning platform and Ed-Tech Online portal.
  • I am taking the Sarkari exam.
  • I am Jagranjosh…
  • It’s CareerPower time.
  • I am a student at College Dunia…
  • I am adding Adda247.
  • Gradeup.
  • Embibe.
  • Is Current Affairs A Part Of Gk?

    Overview of General Knowledge (GK): General Knowledge is a vast syllabus that covers current events, major issues, top events in the world and more.

    How Can I Hide My Current Affairs And Gk?

    Quizzes can also be useful in remembering current events. In addition to time quiz sections, students should also take time to learn about the hundreds of new things that happen every day. The best source of preparation for any exam is a newspaper, as it covers everything on a daily basis.

    Where Can I Study Gk And Current Affairs?

    The top website for general knowledge, general studies, current affairs, and aptitude for UPSC, SSC, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MP is GKToday.

    How Do You Remember General Knowledge And Current Affairs?

  • Remember that Banking Awareness is a concept that must be clearly stated.
  • Be on track all the time…
  • Be sure to keep in touch with other aspiring candidates.
  • Keep the STOCK GKs (Places, Dance Forms, State-related GKs) in Current Affairs.
  • How Do You Remember One Year Current Affairs?

    Check out the most important source for current affairs i.e. The newspaper. You can also write down current affairs notes from the newspaper (as it is important to remember what you read). Examples include The Hindu, The Indian Express, Livemint, DownToEarth, etc.

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