Reasons Behind Equality Became A US Foreign Policy Priority 

Equality Rights Women

Human rights are the fundamental human rights and this is the policy which is established in the United States and is implemented for every human being on the planet. There are many rights included like right to live free from violence, slavery and discrimination. Also there are many women who are facing issues in getting access to the education and for them there are little bit of different rules or we can say policies like right to be educated, Right to own property, Right to vote and right to earn a fairly and equal wage as men.   

The equality has now become a US foreign policy priority because of many reasons that you will come to know later on. If you are interested in gaining some knowledge then make sure to stay with us and do not keep any part of it. Right to equality means every gender every person on the planet should be treated equally under the eyes of law. The gender, caste, religion, community et cetera shouldn’t be mattered in terms of equality which is why it has been put on the priority by US foreign policy. 

Not getting deserving wages 

In many parts of the world various women are working which is a good thing but here the situation is that they aren’t getting exact same wages as the men working over there. This thing make them inferior in front of men and also they aren’t getting what they deserve. So if you talk about the quality then it means the women and men should get equal wages if they are working for exact same time. 

It will be going to help women in many ways like they can focus on their growth, they can feed their family, they can fight the pandemic with much better support, et cetera so these are some of the things which can be done if women starts getting equal wages as men out there. 

Women are human 

In order to resolve the issue of Woman rights One thing should be kept in mind that is woman are women. They are also human like us which means they live like us or there are some women who wants to live like us but they are unable to because of the issues or we can see because of the dominating society. The dominating society is the key reason behind the humans who aren’t getting the right to equality. 

Though society Should be demolished right away and those women who are willing to work or who are willing to study or get educated should be provided a wonderful opportunity as this is the only way in which we can test out their potential. Without checking out the potential no one should judge the woman because in today’s modern world every Woman can do the things which a man can do. 

Teach them the instructions  

Every woman must be taught the instructions and the rights that they should keep in mind. It will be going to help them a lot like there are some women who are unaware about their rights that is the big problem. It is because those women who aren’t aware about their deserving rights are living a life with full of pressure and domination. Discrimination is becoming the part of their life day by day which is why it is essential to teach them their rights so that on the basis of which they can fight for themselves.   

In this pandemic world it can be done much easier like you can teach the woman of dominating societies easily by the help of online services. Digital learning can make the things happen or we can say that by this woman can easily learn the rights and things just by sitting at home if they are living in a dominating societies. 

Advance their rights 

Woman those who have lose the hope needed to be have a look on the rights. It is essential and can be done with the help of advancing the visibility of women’s and girls right as it should be taught in the school as well which will make it easier for the kids to know what is happening around them. It is better to be taught while their kids so that they can mentally be prepared and ready to fight for their own rights and against the discrimination. 

There are many countries in this world where there is not even a single right for the women as they cannot even abort their child on their own will. These rules should be suspended right away and a new Constitution or we can save a legislation should be passed where new rights should be launched again the women for their healthy life. 

Understand the importance  

In order to understand why women should be aware of their rights we should first understand the importance of rights. If there will be no Human rights or human rights that no one can get educated, Can travel freely wherever they want, can learn anything, can make a trade, etc. if you understand these things and importance then you will come to know the life of a woman who are still living in a discriminated society in this democratic world.    

We achieved freedom many years ago but there are many humans who are still living as a prisoner in their own home because they are not getting their rights. The only day when our country will be free then all the woman’s will be free from their home and will be able to make their own decisions according to their own choices. 

In the end 

At last we can say that human rights should be the priority of a US foreign policy especially the right to equality. It is because women wants to be treated equally as the man whether it is a home or a working place. No one should discriminate each other related to the colour of the skin or the religio