The Community Construction Project that Changed This Small Town

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The town of Chorley has a small population of around ten thousand. Most of this population is made up of people below the age of 18, but for years there was very little in terms of entertainment for younger people. Within the last year, the people of Chorley have become a close-knit community that enjoys helping one and other, especially with tasks that can be completed with group involvement. 

Local Pride

Though the people of Chorley had contacted the local council on numerous occasions to complain about the lack of entertainment for young people, there was very little response. After years of trying, the community decided that they had to take their own steps in ensuring that the younger members of the community had a way to entertain themselves.  

Thanks to the generous land donations of a local business owner, the community was able to devise a plan. Their plan was to make an action park that caters to all of the younger members of the community, no matter their age. The community didn’t want to just cater this action park to the younger children and so made the decision to not only make a park but a skate park too. This idea also served as a solution to problems that they had been having with damage to public property that had accidentally occurred due to skaters and bikers having nowhere to practice.  

The community was more than happy to help to complete the ambitious project, with small businesses donating money and materials whenever they could. The town had big plans but knew that they had to keep it realistic. Their initial plan for the action park was to build swings, a climbing set, a sandpit, and some ramps for skating and biking. They figured that if the park was a success, they could eventually add more to the collection.  


The Ramps

The first part of the project that they worked on was the ramps. This would be the most ambitious part of the project due to the sheer size of the ramps that they had in mind. Though they had the plan to make the ramps metal, they simply did not have the budget to do so. Luckily for the people of Chorley, a company known as Bike UK heard about their ambitious project and were happy to donate two large ramps to the cause. This meant that the Chorley team could focus on something that they were more equipped to deal with, which was woodwork.  


Community Spirit

As the news about the project continued to spread throughout the town and more and more people wanted to get involved, even the children. Their help was welcomed as they were able to reach into tight corners that a lot of the construction workers were unable to.  Having the full involvement of the community meant that they were able to finish the project much faster than they had originally anticipated and at a fraction of the cost.  

To celebrate the completion of the project the town decided to host a large picnic on the land that they had constructed the action park on. Everyone was invited to the picnic and families were invited to bring their children to try out the new action park. Local skaters and bikers also came by to enjoy some food while shredding the ramp.  


It has been three months since the construction of the action park and every day it is flooded with dozens of children searching for entertainment. As for the future, there are plans of adding a roundabout to the already large collection of attractions.