Top 10 Leading Causes Of Female Deaths You Should Know 

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If we talk about women’s health then there are many things which are responsible that you will come to know later on. Women have to face many issues in their life related to health so we should understand all of them and make sure to treat them nicely by keeping good behavior with them always. As per the report there are various women dies ever year and all of them because of the top 10 leading causes. 

So if you are interested in knowing about them then you need to be sure to stay till the end. Most of the diseases are preventable which means if women is fully aware about the disease then she can easily prevent it without any issues at all. We are here to help them and knowing them about the risks they should consider in mind whole the time. 

Following are some of the causes to be kept in mind 

There are many causes which is why it is necessary to know all of them. If you are new to it then it would be very beneficial for you which is why you must make sure to pay attention on all of them. Below are the causes for you- 

  • Heart disease- The number one disease you should need to know about is the heart and most of the women about 27% dies because of this. According to the reports there are 8.5 million women who dies because of the heart disease each year. It is really a huge number which needs to be prevented. Good diet and proper body checkup can help them in preventing this kind of diseases.
    Women those who have faced heart attack in the first year dies in that year only and the amount in percentage is 42%. On the other hand women under 50 are most likely to meet with a heart attack so this is the reason to consider this cause or the disease in mind. 
  • Cancer- The second topmost disease that a woman dies through is the cancer. There are many kinds of cancer they have to go through like lung, breast, and colorectal cancer. If we talk about percentage then 25% of women faces lung cancer, 15% of them faces breast cancer, and 9% have to face colorectal cancer.  

There can be many reasons behind cancer like exposing to the ultra sonic rays frequently. As it is the number one reason to take care of which is why most of the women never pays attention to this and thus they die at the end. 

  • Stroke- As stroke is considered as the men’s diseases but according to the research stroke kills more women than men each year. In one year almost three million women die because of the stroke and that is not a normal thing. According to the reports around 85000 women dies in 2005 so one important thing they need to keep in mind is the risk. It rises between the age of 45-65 rapidly and in that period they should take care of their health the most.
    Men have to face stroke in the middle age as compare to the women but if any women come to face it then it can be really fatal. 
  • Lower respiratory disease- Disease occurs in the lower lung can be various but all of them collectively is called as chronic lower respiratory disease. For little bit of detail here are some names: Emphysema, chronic obstructed pulmonary disease, and chronic bronchitis. Now most of them are occurred due to smoking cigarette which can be prevented easily. So if you are a women and want to live a healthy life then you must stop smoking because it can lead to various other diseases too rather than respiratory.
    Around 5% of the women dies because of this disease so they should keep one thing in mind that is addicts should work on getting rid of the smoking as soon as they can. 
  • Alzheimer- It is one of the most deadly disease because of which women dies every year. There are several researches shows that women have a much higher risk of Alzheimer than men. It sounds strange but yes it is true. The age level also matters a lot as the age gets higher the risk gets higher which is why people of higher age should take care of their age more than anything else. 

These are some of the diseases which are popular and because of which most of the women dies every year and it can be prevented easily without any extra efforts. Just by the help of little bit of care all of these diseases can be prevented. 

Some essential things to keep in mind 

If you want are a women and want to prevent these kinds of issues then the very first thing you should consider in mind is the routine body check up. It will be going to help in many ways like you will come to know about what is going wrong in your body and in terms of your health. In this way you can work on it and contact the right doctor for the treatment.  

Also the second most important thing you need to focus on is the diet. You should intake good food every day if you want your organs of the body to function properly. In this way you can easily come to overcome the challenges thrown by any disease.  


Dying is common in both the genders as in men and women but the thing which matters it the cause behind it. There can be anything but it is beneficial to consider the most common cause. If not then anyone among us might have to face that in their life. You can overcome them without having any knowledge about them which is why make sure to keep reading about the common cause of deaths in today’s time.