What Kind Of Issues Women Are Facing In Today’s Time? 


As we know that women aren’t being treated right in many different part of the world as there are many issues faced by women that you will come to know later on. We should be with the women at every step as it is the only way in which we can support them right away. Also if we talk about their life then it is getting tough day by day which is why those issues needs to be fixed sooner. 

Also issues might become the cause of their unhealthy living. Make sure to stay till the end to know more about those issues. Most of them might be common and you might have heard about them so there is nothing to be surprised about as you simply need to pay attention and learn about them. In this way you can easily come to gain loads of information on those issues. 

Here are those issues you should consider in mind 

There are plenty of issues but before discussing them you should keep one thing in mind that is knowing about the issues is not essential but acting on it is. It is the only way in which they will be able to live a happy life again. Following are the issues-   

  • Access to education- Now as we know that education is the most essential part of today’s time and still there are loads of women those who are facing issues in accessing the education. According to the report numerous girls who have taken the admission does not attend the school because of this issue.
    If we talk about the numbers then there are almost 30 million girls which indicates how worst this issue can get. There is nothing like girl power in this world as women goes through many things like surviving child birth, raising healthy kids, working hard for life, and much more.  
  • Employment opportunities- There are numerous women those who still experience lacking on the opportunity to work. This is the number one reason why those are left without any tag or image. Also because of the gender inequality in the world women aren’t accepted in most of the sector which is not a good thing. 
    If women get a chance to earn their fair share then they won’t leave that chance at all. It is essential to at least give them a chance by which they can prove that how beneficial they are to the economy of their own country. You can also use online services for more information on this issue. 
  • Reproductive health and rights- There are needs which are still unmet for the women and they have to go through different issues. If we talk about reproductive education then most of the women aren’t aware about it and goes through unplanned pregnancies. There are over 75% women goes through this and also if we talk about abortions then there are over 35% women goes through it. 

It might create trouble for them or on the other hand make their life dangerous to life. It can be because of many reasons like insecure abortion. Maternal death is also one of the causes for the death of the women and many others are there. 

  • Maternal health- According to the reports by world health organization it is estimated that over 800 women dies every day because of the maternal health issues. If we talk about the dangerous issue then this is the one to be considered in mind. So there are never ending issues for the women that they must fight for. 
  • Gender-based violence- In many parts of the world people are being discriminated on the basis of the gender. Also 1 in 4 women experience brutal torture and sexual violence like rape, sexual trafficking, abuse, and much more. It creates a lot of difficulties for them and destroys lives of many women. So everyone must raise voice against these kind of issues for the welfare of the women. 
  • Child marriage- As we know that the legal age of marriage for women is 21 and in most of the parts of the world child marriage is still an option. It is like a trend for them because they want to get rid of the women as soon as they can. It is like a burden for them which is absolutely wrong. Women can do everything that a men can do in today’s world so it is the number reason that why all the women should be treated equally.
    Most of the women who are getting married below 18 are because of the pressure from their parents which they cannot deny. At the time of denial they might have to face many issues which is why strict actions should be taken against those families especially the parents. 
  • Female genital mutilation- According to the reports there are many procedures takes place intentionally which causes a lot of injury to the female genital organs. The worst part is that the procedure is been done for non-medical reasons and this some of the women died because of this. It can cause real health problems or the issues to the women which might be not good for their living. 
  • Water and sanitation- Clean drinking water or the hygienic sanitization is important for the health and most of the women are not aware about this. This issue can make them unhealthy in no time as drinking bad water or living where sanitization is an issue can make their living worse without any doubt. It is the reason why they should be taught with right education about water and sanitation. 

These are some of the issues that most of the women have to face in their life and it can be prevented easily if all the women gather together and start guiding each other at different part of their life. Also it will make everything easy for them.