What the 2021 Heatwaves Mean for the USA

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The world is getting hotter. At one point in recent history, this idea was cried out as false. Nothing more than a hoax backed up by fake science. Many conspiracy theorists came up with lots of theories as to why people would lie about the world getting hotter. And of course, we can look to the key culprits of pollution to further find reasons this information was stifled. Profit

None of the main pollution-producing companies don’t want to admit to climate change because it would hurt their bottom line. But in recent years it has become harder to disprove climate change. To the point that now nearly the entire world is working to combat it.

But is it too little too late? Can we pull ourselves back from the brink? Today we want to look at exactly what the 2021 heatwaves mean for the USA. What does the future hold? How will our infrastructure change? Who is most likely to suffer?

Those Who Suffer

A heatwave might seem like a good idea in theory. A nice hot summer to enjoy the beach with. But a lot of people and animals just aren’t equipped to handle the heat. A good example of this is dogs. Unable to swear through normal means, it can be very difficult for dogs to cool themselves down. So they will require a lot of help to survive.  We recommend giving them cooling baths and taking extra water out on their walks. We also recommend you use cbd oil for dogs in their food to help them relax. Stress can cause dogs to heat up even more, so keeping them relaxed is vital.

Children are another group of people who are vulnerable to the ever-increasing heat. The human body can only cool itself down so much. And children’s bodies especially have to work harder to cool themself. So you will need to make sure your kids are able to stay in the shade as much as possible. Keep them well hydrated and maybe get them to have a cooling bath or shower when it gets too hot.

The Future

What will happen if the global temperature continues to rise? The first noticeable change will be the rising sea levels which will lead to increasing floods, something we are currently seeing a lot of in Europe. The number of wildfires will also increase as the heat dries out plant life and then ignites it.

We have already seen roads exploding in some countries due to the heat causing the pipelines or tarmac to expand and explode. If the temperature continues to rise a lot more technical issues will occur. Technology that needs cooling such as computers will soon start to fail as they fail to stay cool compared to the rising heat.

If it gets too hot we will see a sharp decrease in the number of crops produced globally. Plants need heat to thrive, but too much heat will make it impossible for anything to grow outside of artificial environments. With a sharp decrease in crops, we will also see lots more species of animals and insects go extinct. Entire eco-systems will start to collapse. This will be disastrous as without a lot of these ecosystems we will be unable to survive.


The good news is, it might not be too late at all. As long as we all put more pressure on the larger companies to cut back their carbon emissions and go green. If we do this, there might be hope for us yet.