Why It Is Essential To Advance Women Rights? 

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Women rights are one of the things in this world which is not being taken seriously. Every women should be granted their rights so that they can live their life to the best. According to the right to information every women is capable of knowing the rules and regulations meant for them. It is essential so that they can fight for their rights and also it is one of the unique way to advance women rights. 

Later on you will come to know about the importance of the rights of women and in order to know about them all you need to do is stay till the end. If you are new to it then make sure to consider one thing in mind that women should be treated equally as the men and if not then they might have to face many issues in their life.  

It is not only the duty of the women to get their rights but also it is the duty of the men as well as in this way women will be able to know about their rights. Most of the women aren’t aware about the right which is the biggest problem in this world. They are unaware about the right which is why most of the people dominate them in many different ways.  

Begin with the teaching 

The very first step to advance women right is the right to information. Every woman in this world should be taught about their rights as on the basis of that they can easily come to know about what is happening right and wrong with them. It is the responsibility of all the state to teach them every essential thing related to their rights and thus it will help in many ways. 

After gaining the knowledge about the rights women can fight for themselves in many legal ways like by contacting to the court. If any women is unaware about the rights then it will get much difficult for them to fight because the basics of the rights is not cleared to them.  

Changes should be made in education system 

Few changes are required to be made in the education system if women rights needs to be advanced like the subject or the course should be added about the rights. In this way girls or any women will come to know about their rights in the beginning of their age. Also on the other hand without any kind of discrimination on the basis of age, caste or sex every woman should be taught what is essential.  

It will be like a freedom to them especially for those women who aren’t aware about their rights. There are many kind of rights like right to equality, right to education, right to freedom of thoughts, and much more. So these will make them to live free without any issues at all. Also it can be like a life saver for many women out there those who are facing issues like violence, abuse, and many other. 

Information on discrimination 

Information on rights is essential but also side by side information on discrimination is as important as that. There are many ways in which women are getting discriminated but before discussing them there are some basics which needs to be cleared. Talking about the rights or the discrimination isn’t important until and unless someone is working on it. Following are some of the information for you to be considered- 

  • Laws and policies- The number one thing you need to focus on is the discrimination in terms of laws and policies. As we know that law is same for every citizen in the country but still there are some women who aren’t getting the equality before law.  
  • Social discrimination- Whether you can call it economic or social discrimination the results are almost similar. As women cannot make their own choices in their life and thus most of them become a victim of trafficking. It is absolutely worst and we should fight for it and for the justice for the women. 
  • Gender-based- The most common kind of discrimination is the gender based as you will see it in almost every part of the world. In this kind of discrimination women are facing issues more than the men. We can also say that they aren’t being treated the right way as the men out there which results in the same. 
  • Sexual and reproductive health- Most of the women are denied for their sexual and reproductive health rights. It sounds insane but yes it is true as most of the women face loads of issues by this kind of discrimination in their life. 
  • Communities- Sometimes women are being discriminated on the basis of their communities as without even letting them know about it. So this thing needs to be end up as soon as possible because god knows how many people lives in the community and all of them would be discriminated on the basis of this. 
  • Peace and security- The most essential thing that a woman requires is security and peace and they are being discriminated on this too. So in this way women have to face discrimination as well as different situations and conflicts too. 

These are some of the information on the discrimination that most of the women have to go through in their life. Also on the other hand it is not an easy task to eliminate all the discrimination until and unless there is unity among women. 

Final lines 

Women rights are essential and needs to be protected for the safety and well-being of the women. So it should be begin with the teaching. Without teaching the rights to the women they will not come to know about what important of their life are they missing and thus they will be discriminated for longer terms. Right after teaching women will become aware about the rights and will fight for them.