Why More States are Backing Improved Mental Health Support

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After the last few months, it is now more important than ever to ensure that we are checking not only our own but our loved one’s mental health and states of mind on a regular basis. Months and months of isolation and uncertainty caused by the pandemic can have a huge effect on our mental health and without taking the necessary steps to seek help and support with this matter things may get a lot worse. It can be hard to talk about our feelings and matters of this nature but you will definitely feel better for doing so, and with the new services that are available you can take the time that you need safe in the knowledge that the help will still be there when you are ready to take it.  

As mental health support is in great need all over the country it is great to see our government putting into place new initiatives to provide us with the help and guidance that we need to ensure our mental health is in pique condition. With all that has happened in the last few months we have seen many more advertisements and advice services coming onto the scene, thanks to new government resources making all of this possible it seems that those who are offering the services are doing everything they can to make it clear to the general public that discreet and reliable advice and help when it comes to mental health is now readily available to help get you back into a more positive state of mind.  


What Can You Do to Subside Anxiety and Mental Health Problems?

Dealing with mental health problems and anxiety is a very personal thing and you definitely should avoid rushing into anything if you do not feel totally ready to do so. The great news is that thanks to the fact that so many states are now backing our new mental health schemes, now is the best time to seek help and try and get into a healthier mindset.  

If you would rather keep things private for the time being then why not try and help yourself by doing something that you enjoy to take your mind off of things that are causing your anxiety. Doing small things like the how old are you quiz which usually gives you hilarious results or listening to your favorite playlists may seem irrelevant, but anything that you can do to occupy your mind is going to be a very useful thing for someone suffering from mental health issues.  


Why Now?

It is said that after the pandemic and the mass self-isolation that had to take place to ensure our safety, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are suffering from issues with mental health. The official statistics show an approximate increase of thirty percent with more men coming forward also, which is a huge step in the preservation of male mental health up and down the country.  

With these staggering statistics, our government wouldn’t have been able to avoid things without offering extra support to those that need it due to a drop in their mental health. After everything that has been going on and the errors that occurred during the dealings of the pandemic it really is the least, they can do. One of the biggest causes of anxiety and mental health problems during the covid period would have to have been the uncertainty that was caused by the government’s lack of clarity with how they were going to handle the issues, it would be unfair to blame the government entirely but they also have to take some kind of responsibility in the form of effective mental health support.