Why Trump’s Lawyer Is Fighting For Women Rights In Poland? 

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Plenty of people in Poland are on the street if the Polish capital because of the women rights. The women over there aren’t getting their rights which are why the trump’s lawyer is with them and fighting for the women rights. As we saw that in most part of the world women are facing terrible issues because of their rights and over there is one thing which is common and that is the discrimination. 

The main issue the women of Polish were facing is the access to legal and safe abortions as it is the right of every woman and they must keep this thing in mind. And the lawyer of the trump is with all those women in the protest in Poland. This is the main reason behind the whole story and also if we talk about women rights then women over there is facing issues in this case.  

There was one woman over there who had an abortion in the month of February because of the diagnosis. In that it stated that there was a fatal anomaly and suddenly that women come to know about the new ruling by the court. It had made her in a really tragic situation which is why she faced loads of issues in access to the legal abortion. 

Mental and physical health affected 

In the case like that of women both mental and physical health get affected because carrying a baby who is diagnosed is not an easy task. It can affect the health of women as well as the baby which is why abortion is necessary. In Poland because of the new rule they cannot be able to get abortion easily and some of them cannot get access to all which affects their mental health also. 

In regards of the mental health a woman have to go through loads of stress on mind and also she has to fight for the abortion of an unhealthy diagnosed child. They are forced to such pregnancies and the worst part is that this cruel rule allows them to watch their child die at the time of giving birth. It can also affect the health of a woman and thus she can die as well without any symptoms at all.  

Trump allies have been funding 

If we talk about the Christian rights under trump’s allies then they have been funding to fight against the women’s rights all around the globe for approx two years now. Also it is the number one reason for why women are not getting their rights. Women should be granted with their rights so that they can come to live a good life again. Also the life of women without rights is nothing. 

They have to face loads of issues in their life which is why they should be aware of one thing that is the education. There are many new rights has been implemented for women which is why they should keep updated by reading out the new rights for the women. Also they should not rush as they should be patient while reading out the right. 

Fight against the discrimination 

No women should torture discrimination in their life which is why they should keep fighting for it. Also on the other hand discrimination can happen on the basis of many things like on religion, caste, sex, and much more. So if you want to know more than make sure to stay with us till the end. Women are facing not only the issue related to rights but also on the other hand they are facing issues like health related or pregnancy related. Most of the women in the world aren’t aware about the pregnancy because they are uneducated and thus 80% of the women get pregnant unplanned.  

It is extremely a wrong thing because those women who aren’t ready have to carry a child in the womb and because of the issues and new rules related to abortion they have to give the birth. Now there can be a risk like if the child is diagnosed with some disease then because of the new rule the women cannot abort the child in a legal way. 

Legit way is the only way 

To abort a child the legal way should only be helpful this is why women should be taught with good education related to pregnancies and how to take care of the child. Also side by side they should be aware of the rights on the basis of which they can fight against the discrimination. No women should be left out or feel discriminated as she can go for the help of legal services who will take legal actions against those person who are making them feel discriminated.  

If we talk about the attacks on women’s right then there is always someone behind it who is funding the people. The fund is the key reason of discrimination and people getting against the women rights. It should be eliminated as soon as it can be because if not then most of the women will keep facing issues in their life and right in the society. 

Threat against women 

In almost all the countries women have to face various threats in their life by following their own rights. So a threat to woman in one country is the threat to woman everywhere. It is the reason by which women are facing physical and mental stress in their everyday life. It is not the task of only one woman or only of the women to eliminate this. 

Every citizen in the country should come together to form new rules and regulations for the women security and safety. The health of the women matters a lot which is why there should not be any rules like no legal abortion because sometimes women aren’t ready or the child inside the womb is diagnosed with some disease and it can create a deadly trouble for both the child as well as the woman.