Women And Leadership: Looking Beyond The Global Health Crisis


Covid-19 has broke the world in many different ways and it is obvious that it has been declared as the world health crisis of pandemic. With the help of some reports it has been cleared that there are many people who are facing beyond the health crisis.  Women especially are facing these kind of issues because now they are not getting to work for their own survival. 

The worst thing that a women is facing in this crisis is that the pregnant women are being sent home from the hospital because of the crisis. Many women lose their job and also they now have nothing to feed their family because they aren’t earning a single penny in this pandemic. If we talk about those areas or sectors where women are being dominating on the basis of their religion, caste, sex, and much more are facing more than the actual health crisis. 

There are many job carriers in which women have been dominated like nurses, caregivers, etc. so this domination is the worst thing which most of the women in this world is facing and in order to eliminate this they need to take strict actions against those who are dominating them. It might be challenging but it will be worth it which is why it should be considered in mind. 

Many women are in trouble 

Women are in trouble in different ways like some of them are on the pressure from the school or the family to leave the school. Education is important for teenage girls and if there will be nothing like education then the gap will take place and thus it will be not good for the women. Also if we talk about jobs then most of the companies has been shut down by which women are not being able to get the right and updated education. 

The role of education is essential in the lives of people especially women because without education they won’t come to know about what is going on in the society. It is the reason why most of the women are facing worst scenarios than the health crisis in pandemic. Half of the population are dying because f the new virus and health related symptoms while on the other hand there are some people those who are dying because there is no job left for them. 

Can education help them? 

The main reason that women aren’t getting job is the education because they are uneducated in many fields. If we talk about education then it can help in many ways like women can come to explore various opportunities with the help of which they can start working. On the other hand women in the dominating societies can gain loads of information about how to live a life freely. 

There are many reasons behind women should be educated and for that they should be granted their deserving right to education. It is the easiest way in which they can get access to the education and thus come to learn different things related to the rights, job, healthy living, and much more. 

Is it worthy? 

As we are seeing that the numbers of women are growing in almost all the industries and sectors and that is because of their rights. Now imagine those women who aren’t aware that they can roam freely anywhere, or they can study, do a job, etc. A brain without knowledge is the key reason of dominating society in today’s world. Like there are some women who does not a thing about education at the age of 30-40 and at the same time girls with the age of 12-14 are interested in information technology. 

So this is the reason why the women must be educated from the start. There is no age to gain education as any women of any age can gain knowledge at least regarding their rights and discrimination against which they have to fight.  

Things to be done for maintaining the interest 

It is essential to maintain the interest of the women if we want them to be educated like organizing training programs for them and show them how good their life can become. There are various ways which will be helpful in maintaining the interest of the women like in this crisis they should be provided the access of online studies. 

 In this way they can gain loads of knowledge regarding rights right by sitting at home. Also women should know that information and technology is not about sitting in front of the system in a dark room as it consist loads of practical to perform which will help in keeping them happy. If we talk about the remote study in this pandemic then it is good but might be not for many. 

Are there any impacts of remote learning? 

Remote learning will make the women to learn about the upcoming digital era so in this way they can come to know about how things are getting digital. Also learning right by home will make it easy for them to attend all the lectures and courses without even getting out of the house. In this way women in the dominating society can also come to learn various things. 

In this way various women will come to know about the importance of education and what education can teach them. So make sure to keep this thing in mind if you want to change the lives of the women who are facing a lot in this pandemic.  

In the end 

At last we can say that women should be treated equally to the men as they deserve this. Women lacks the equality before law and this thing or we can say right to equality will help them in living their life to the fullest and thus they can easily come to know about how they can stand against the discrimination happening in the society and also they can easily come to fight in this way.