Women’s Issues At UN: Still Too Low Down On The Agenda 

Rights Women

Women issues are like ever ending because a threat to a woman in one country is a threat to women in the other. Also if we talk about the equality rights of the women then they are like negligible which is not good for the life of women. The international community has took the step to ensure that the gender must be treated equal. No one should be discriminated on the basis of region, caste, or sex. 

As women are also human like us so we should treat right with them and also help them in achieving their deserving rights those are in the constitution. A life of women without rights is nothing which is why international community is working hard on the human rights. In many states or the countries female equality is lacking which is why government needs to take harsh step on this thing. 

Also the COVID-19 pandemic has caused various issues to every people especially the women who are facing issues in running up their houses. They do not even have a single penny to feed to their families which is absolutely worst than the health crisis. Also according to the reports it is observed that most of the people are unaware about the risk. 

Affects of unemployment 

In this pandemic world the employment is necessary to run houses and to feed the families. Also if we talk about the people especially the women who are unemployed are the one who is facing loads of issues in their life. The trouble gets double when a women in uneducated too because education is required in order to do job.  

A woman should be provided with loads of opportunities as this is the only way in which we can be able to check out their potential right away. As we know that Corona virus lock downs has been increasing day by day in many countries which is why women should be allowed to gain some knowledge via digital education or we can say digital learning. In this way they can gain a lot of information about their job and with the help of which they can easily get the job in the digital Era. 

Amendments in policies 

Pandemic is not the only issue as there are many other issues going on in the country like sexual offence, sexual trafficking and many others so these things needs to be eliminated as soon as possible if you want to eliminate the pandemic completely. The vaccine of coronavirusis not enough to vanish the pandemic as there are many other things like women rights which needs to be taught to the woman’s are uneducated. 

Education is important if a woman wants to stand against the discrimination happening with them. Also there are different ways in whichWoman can be educated right by sitting at home in this pandemic. As we know that there are the schools out there but they are not yet opened which is why digital learning is required. 

Digitalisation is beneficial 

The one thing which is beneficial in this pandemic is the digitalisation especially for the women’s issue. As they can attend many courses of seminar in which they can be taught about how to handle the discrimination and also they could be taught about the essential women’s rights. There are many rights like right to education, right to roam freely, right to do job, et cetera but the thing is that there are some women who lives in a dominating society. 

Dominating society is the key reason behind the any education and unemployment among the women. According to the research 40% of the females in the world are uneducated which is really a very high percentage. This thing can be prevented easily just by standing with them at every step and moment. 

Teach them their rights 

The only thing in which a woman can stand for themselves by keeping their rights in front of everyone.Take a woman itself is unaware about the rights then it will become extremely impossible for them to stand for themselves and for the other woman out there who are facing lots of issues and trouble in their dominating society. Getting dominated is not an easy task and it can easily ruin the life of many women which is why we should understand the importance off the women rights and give it to them. 

Right after understanding the importance it will become much easier for helping out the women who are in trouble whether they are living in a dominating society or whether they are facing issues in getting abortion. There are plenty of women’s were uneducated and who do not know anything about pregnancy and get pregnant unplanned. In many countries there are rules against getting abortion which makes the life of a woman tough. 

Impact of domination  

If we talk about the effects of domination on women then there can be many depends on the situation. Like if any woman is getting dominated while she is with a baby in a warm then she can get ill mentally and physically as well. It can put the life of a woman and her baby in danger which is why domination is one of the dangerous things that can happen to a woman. 

Domination can be stopped by taking the help of the legal actions like “as legal action should be taken against the people were dominating women in such a modern time. It can also be eliminated by eliminating all the dominating societies in the world and fill them from the people with modern thinking.  

Winding up 

Women rights is still an issue going on in the world and it is not be going to end anytime sooner because people aren’t understand the importance. Women rights are many and people are ignoring them and keep dominating the woman especially who are uneducated or we can say who are unaware of the rights with the help of which they can fight against domination.